The Daily Blu…September 30, 2009

Wow!  Not another day of no Blu-ray news to report on?  Say it ain’t true?  Yep, I am sorry it is.  Although, here’s one for you.  Try this one on for size.  For a limited time you can get a Michael Bay autographed Transformers 1 & 2 Blu-ray disc.   The prices depend on whether or not you are buying one or the combo deal and whether you are international vs. domestic.  If you do opt to buy both Blu-ray films they also come signed by cast member Tyrese Gibson.  Maybe if you throw in a Megan Fox and a Shia autograph, then it would sweeten the deal for me.  But seriously…here is why you should consider purchasing them.  All Blu-ray disc sales will be donated directly to Make-a-Wish.  For more information and to order check out Michael Bay’s Web Store.

In movie news, my sweetheart Jessica Alba is reported to be in negotiations to join Stiller and DeNiro in the comedy Little Fockers.  She would play the part of an attractive pharmaceutical rep whose looks cause disturbance among the male characters.  Jessica’s looks can be distractive?  Can’t be true!

Jessica Alba - Little Fockers

This may be good news depending on how you look at it.  Dimension Films and Bob Weinstein shut down production on Halloween 3.  There are many rumors flying around why this has happened, but the official one being reported thus far is that Bob felt it was being rushed too fast.  Thanks Bob!  Let’s make this next one count, shall we?

Halloween 3


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