The Daily Blu…August 25, 2009

Keep in mind that the following information is only rumor/speculative, but we have good reason to believe that the #1 grossing R-rated comedy The Hangover will be released on Blu-ray somewhere around the second week of December, as we learned  Warner Home Video in the UK announced a December 7th retail date.  We can only hope so as this is one of our favorite movies of the year.  The UK Blu-ray will feature a 107-minute extended unrated cut, as well as the theatrical version and a digital copy (boo!). 

I can personally verify this next piece of news.  Universal’s Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, officially slated for a September 22nd Blu-ray release date, are exclusively available NOW at Best Buy online and in-store.  I personally saw both of the releases today while I made my usual Tuesday trip to the store to pick up the soundtrack from Megan Fox’s Jennifer’s Body, which hits theaters on Semptember 18th.  Of course, the movie looks God awful, but c’mon, it’s Megan Fox!  You almost have to be supportive (that’s why I included the theatrical poster below).  Expect a full movie review here on September 19th.  Since we are on topic, here’s a funny story.  I was telling my wife yesterday how I could not find the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack online anywhere until I realized the mistake I was making.  I was accidentally calling it Megan’s Body every time I did a web search.  I wonder what I had on my mind?  Good night!




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  1. Gregg

    I will definitey buy this one!