The Dark Knight BD-Live Features

This is why we love the Blu-ray format!  This has to be the most exciting news I heard all day!  The premise of this story was originally posted on Blu-ray.com

Warner Home Video has revealed the BD-Live features that will be included on the The Dark Knight Blu-ray scheduled to hit shelves next week, December 9th. 

The first feature will be a “Live Community Screening” where users will be able to watch the movie with friends and chat with each other during the screening of it.  You will be able to send out invitations to friends or join in with anyone in the BD-Live community.

The second feature will be “My WB Commentary” where you will be able to record a picture-in-picture commentary track using your webcam and share it with friends on BD-Live.  How awesome is that?

Other features announced are the ability to download trailers, create an online library of Blu-ray titles, manage a wishlist of upcoming Warner Bros. Blu-ray titles, and even connect to the WB store.

And last but not least is my favorite of all…Warner Bros. is planning to host a special “Live Community Screening” with director Christopher Nolan where fans will be able to interact with him.

The Blu-ray format keeps getting better and better!  I just want to scream at the top of my lungs how happy I am over this!  We will see you in the BD-Live community.  Until then…


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