The ‘Iron Cat’ is Out of the Bag

First off, my apologies for the sabbatical. Secondly, here’s the first issue of Iron Cat! With the recent buzz surrounding the green light given for Marvel’s Iron Heart in the form of a TV series, it seems as if the number of Tony Stark-inspired suits not being worn by Tony Stark is limitless. Thankfully, it’s not a case of a flooded market with everybody and their brother donning plasma-blasting, flight-enabled exteriors. The cautious expansion makes the reading of a new addition palatable. Such is the case here with the first issue of Iron Cat.

While this is not the first time the Iron Cat suit has been seen, as for that I would defer to Black Cat issue #11, it is the start of a five-issue mini-series that goes into great depths of explaining who’s inside the armor.  Jed McKay, also known for his brilliant work on the current Moon Knight series, is the man behind the pen here as he authors the story.  Pere Perez (Spider Woman) provides the art and Frank D’Armata (All Out Avengers, Wolverine) joins in as the colorist, which, is quite the eye-popping tag team between these two gentlemen.  The visuals jump from this wonderfully dark, midnight-ish palette of the current story to the more muted, limited spectrum of flashbacks.

Simultaneously, McKay delivers us the goods on expertly guiding the reader through a suspenseful first issue that keeps us guessing who’s under those metallic cat ears that is so desperately chasing the Black Cat. Will Felicia Hardy make it out of her latest job alive or is this the end of the Black Cat as we know it?!  This read easily comes with a recommendation.  Iron Cat claws its way to conclusion this October.

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