‘The Tick’ Interview with Actor Scott Speiser

The Tick is an Amazon Video series based on the satirical comic book series of the same name. Many will remember the animated series from the 90s and possibly the previous live-action attempt from the early 00s, but it is now back in possibly the most exciting form yet. For those unaware, The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) is a superhero in a blue bug costume who arrives in a city known as “The City” to help fight crime. However, this take on the series actually focuses more on a former accountant named Arthur (Griffin Newman) who becomes The Tick’s sidekick as they fight various supervillains. I was lucky enough to interview some of the cast members of the series during San Diego Comic-Con. This interview features actor Scott Speiser, who stars as Overkill, a villain who loves bringing death into the equation. Continue on to see the video where I challenge Scott to go over the joys of playing evil.

Below you will find the video of my interview with Scott Speiser. I was merely armed with my iPhone recorder and had help from my lovely girlfriend serving as my camera person, so given the nature of this crowded room and my lack of a proper microphone, the audio is about as good as it can be. Still, please enjoy:



Look out for:
The Tick 

Premiering on August 25 on Amazon Prime Video



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