Top Gun 2 Up in the Air

No, that’s not a crafty subtitle.  There really is serious talk amiss in Hollywood that a sequel, not a remake, is in the works to follow up the original hit from the 80’s.  Granted, the F-14 Tomcat has since gone the way of the dodo, but that would only be one of the expected changes slated for this release.  The big money question is whether or not Tom Cruise will return or not.  If you count him out, you might as well count out profits too.  That would almost be as bad as making The Empire Strikes Back without Darth Vader.

While Cruise’s dogfighting future is still undetermined, the one thing that’s almost a lock is Tony Scott as the director.  Scott, whose occupations consist of producing this year’s The A-Team and directing 1995’s Crimson Tide (just to name a few), would grow a bit with the addition of Top Gun 2.  Scott would serve as director and rumor has it that if Cruise did come along for the ride, he would not be used in an obvious role, such as a seasoned veteran of the skies who’s now a flight instructor.  So what would Maverick be doing 25 years later if he’s still in the Navy? Blue Angels? Still shooting communists out of the air? 

What is known is that there is not yet a completed script in existence.  According to Fandango’s Erik Davis, Tony Scott was quoted as saying, “I’m not waiting for a script. I’m going to do my homework.”  As someone once told me, “You get ten times whatever you put into something.”  The moral of the story is Scott’s homework is a good thing.  A well-researched story translates to a solid film (most of the time).  Don’t get your hopes up too high for this one, folks.  A lot of this material, Tony Scott aside, is pretty far from definitive, but there is some definite interest in Hollywood and that holds some weight when it comes to launching a project. 


6 Responses to “Top Gun 2 Up in the Air”

  1. Gerard Iribe
  2. Brian White

    I know this is bad, but I was never a fan of TOP GUN.

  3. Gerard Iribe

    That’s not bad at all, Brian. Did you see my youtube clip? That’s Top Gun in a nutshell.

  4. Aaron Neuwirth

    I love Tony Scott (mostly) but I hate Top Gun.

  5. Gregg Senko

    You’re all high!

  6. Gerard Iribe

    Whatever floats your boat, Gregg.