Universal’s ‘In Loving Memory’ Tribute To Paul Walker

PAUL WALKEROver the past five days I have read my share of heartfelt stories about the generosity of Paul Walker and how much he has meant to all the people he has touched in his tragically short life as well as some very insensitive things written by people who either have no soul or human compassion in life.  Nevertheless, Universal has put out this very touching 2-minute tribute to Paul Walker (embedded below) and the franchise he helped propel to stardom.  I know the films have had a profound effect on me.  Have they on you?  While many can scoff at The Fast & Furious franchise all they want for whatever reason, there’s no denying the fun and thrills they infuse in our lives as well as the million smiles they put on moviegoers’ faces all over the world.  Here’s to you Paul.  Thank you for all the memories (including Into The Blue and Running Scared).  May you rest in peace.


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