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Da-Vincis-DemonsDavid Goyer has given us a fair share of memorable comic book turns and adventures.  Now he takes to the small screen for the first time since Blade‘s short lived appearance.  DA VINCI’S DEMONS proved a success on the Starz network this past season and was quickly renewed for a second season that has already buffed up its writing staff with Jonathan Hickman (The Avengers, The Manhattan Projects) and Matt Fraction (Fantastic Four, Hawkeye).  In order to appreciate what they’re going to add, it’s probably best to brush up on Season 1.  Whether you’re a fan or you missed it and would like to check it out, you’ll have your chance to catch up this September when Anchor Bay releases the complete first season on Blu-ray (already available for Pre-order).

Beverly Hills, CA – In a world where thought and faith are rigidly controlled, one man fights to set knowledge free.  Anchor Bay Entertainment releases the adventurous Starz Original series “DA VINCI’S DEMONS – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” on a three-disc Blu-ray™ and DVD set September 3rd.   From David S. Goyer, co-writer on The Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel, comes a journey into the mind of the greatest Renaissance man of them all.  The collection contains bonus features including featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage and audio commentaries from the cast and creators.


“DA VINCI’S DEMONS – THE COMPLETE FIRT SEASON” is a portrait of a young man tortured by the gift of superhuman genius.  Da Vinci is a man in the midst of a storm that has been brewing for centuries.  A conflict between truth and lies; religion and reason; past and future.  His aspirations are used against him by the opposing forces of the time – luring him into a game of seduction where those who despise his intellect need him most.


Leonardo must take up the fight against those who use history, religion and politics to suppress the truth. A hero armed only with genius, da Vinci stands alone against the darkness within and the darkness without.


Facing an uncertain future, his quest for knowledge nearly becomes his undoing as he explores the fringes of his own sanity.  He throws himself into his genius and emerges as an unstoppable force that lifts an entire era out of darkness and into the light of understanding.


Bonus Features:

·         Audio Commentaries with Writer/Creator/Executive Producer/Director David S. Goyer

and Actors Tom Riley, Laura Haddock, Blake Ritson, David Schofield and Tom Bateman

·         Mastering Da Vinci

·         Constructing Da Vinci

·         Dressing Da Vinci

·         Worldwide Fanfare

·         Deleted Scenes

·         Second Screen Promo


“DA VINCI’S DEMONS – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” features Tom Riley (“Monroe”) in the role of Leonardo da Vinci, Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners Movie) as Lucrezia Donati, Blake Ritson (“The Crimson Petal and the White”) as Lord Girolamo Riario, Elliot Cowan (“Sinbad”) as Lorenzo Medici, Gregg Chillin (“Being Human”) as Zoroaster and Lara Pulver (“Sherlock”) as Clarice Orsini.


Here is the series that The Hollywood Reporter calls “Unapologetic entertainment” and “Endlessly fascinating.” Compelling, whimsical and gorgeous looking, “DA VINCI’S DEMONS – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” is television elevated to a high art worthy of a master.



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