What is Scary?

It’s the age old question.  Isn’t it?  What is scary?  What comes to mind when I ask you what is scary?  That’s exactly what Director Adam Barnick is asking here.  And when you truly take a minute to think about it, what a brilliant study this is.  I first met Adam through my Blu-ray reviews of Adam Green’s Hatchet and Frozen (thanks Gerard).  You see, Adam’s production company, Wicked Tree Films, is the one responsible for those killer behind the scene featurettes found on Grace and Frozen.  These are all MUST-SEE for any aspiring filmmaker. You won’t get a more intimate look behind the sets than these.  Trust me!  After trading a few emails back and forth, Adam has become a great source of inspiration in my life and I wish him nothing but the best.  But we’re not here to talk about me today.  We are here today to fill you in on Adam’s newest documentary project, the appropriately titled What is Scary? I have taken the liberty to post the film’s teaser trailer below, as well as a full press release of what this is all about.  And if you are still interested and want to keep a closer eye on things, I encourage you visit regularly and bookmark the film’s official website www.whatisscary.com.  Check it out today!

— Thanks for sharing Adam —

“What is Scary?” teaser trailer from Adam Barnick on Vimeo.

NEW YORK, NY- Part documentary, part art installation, part social experiment. What is Scary? is an independent, experimental endeavor that asks and analyzes a basic question that everyone has an answer for, if not an easy answer. While not intending to simply be a list of fears, phobias or “what scares you”, we hope through the film to provoke thought and discussion while entertaining an audience, inside and outside of fans of the horror genre.

“The documentary was born out of frustration with raising funds for narrative films and an embracement of limitations. While exploring a topic that is fascinating to me, I also aimed to show that lack of resources does not have to mean lack of imagination or ingenuity,” said the film’s director Adam Barnick.

The film is a “cousin” of Phone Sex, an art installation/acclaimed documentary available on DVD by director Steve Balderson(Firecracker, Stuck) in which he had participants answer the question “What is sexy?” Balderson is an associate producer on this project as well.

Initial production was simple: A voicemail was set up and people were encouraged to call in and answer the question “What is scary?” as they saw fit. The answers received are from a variety of people in a multitude of professions; friends, family, scholars, artists, filmmakers and more; responses ranging from generalized to deeply personal; spontaneous to intensely thought-out; hilarious to heartbreaking.

Taking the audience on a visual and aural journey, its presentation will be through a combination of Ken Burns- styled still images, animations, stock photos and original photographs by the filmmaker and hired photographers. It will be scored with a feature-length track of ambient sound design. Postproduction is only beginning and the visual scheme is worked out. The film’s final look and feel may differ but the intention and basic presentation will remain the same.

An official trailer, as well as a list of the participants will appear closer to the film’s release date.


Click the image below to check out the film’s exclusive website!


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