Writer Wanted: Why So Blu is Looking For You!

Writer Wanted:  Why So Blu is Looking For You!Hey.  I’m not too proud to admit it, time is short in this universe.  There’s a lot of things going on in one’s life.  We all work full time jobs and pursue our passion and hobbies in our free time.  Why So Blu started as a hobby for me back in 2008, but thanks to a good friend, Gregg Senko, and three kick a$$ writers later, Gerard Iribe, Sean Ferguson and Aaron Neuwirth, the site grew into so much more.  We have a need for another writer to help out around the site, write reviews, cover screenings and/or events whenever possible and help promote and grow our site on popular social media platforms.  Are you a regular reader or fan of our site?  Think this would be something you’d be interested in?  Well if so, by all means keep on reading!

Like everyone else around here, we all started and worked our way up from the bottom up.  Yeah that’s right.  That means covering the Blu-ray titles that no one else wants.  Hey it comes with the territory.  Sean, Gerard, Aaron and myself know it best.  I started out on a little site named Into The Blu back in the days and I watched crap that I still can’t get out of my head in the name of establishing myself in the industry.  I think this was the worst of the worst though.  Want more proof?  Sean once covered Troll 2 here.  It’s the first film I ever saw with a ZERO rating.  He’ll never let me forget that one.  LOL.

So if you’re interested in being part of the magic around here, below are some of the basic requirements we are looking for in the right person.

1. Hard working and able to meet any imposed deadlines.  We can’t tell you how many times we have heard it before.  Everyone thinks how cool is it to write about movies and such.  They beg us for a chance to write.  We give them a shot.  They may write one or two kicka$$ reviews, but then they quickly grow lazy and consistently miss deadlines.  That’s disappointing.  And guess what?  That makes us look bad in the eyes of the studios and marketing people that entrust us with their products and coverage.  If you are not passionate about writing or the core interests of this site, please do us all a favor and don’t inquire.

2. Ability to abide by any and all embargo dates.  This quite simply means that if we tell you something can’t be published by a certain date because the studio says so, well obey that request please. I think that’s pretty simple, don’t you?

3. Ability to use and work in WordPress and understand very basic html coding.  Programming knowledge is not required, but basic html knowledge is helpful in troubleshooting scenarios.  We will hold your hand the first couple of posts and show you the ropes, but we would expect you to become self-proficient at learning how to self-publish on the site.  Basic photo editing and cropping skills will be helpful to have as well.

4. Proof that you can write.  Do you have any published reviews or writing samples you can share with us?  I’ll pass your samples around to the team members and we will all take a quick vote on who we think would fit in the best based on their writing skills and most importantly…proper use of grammar.  So if you can’t spell or form full sentences, no thank you.

5. If we select you, your first Blu-ray review will be tackling a film called A Common Man (see here) and another one of our choosing.

6.  And yeah…that brings me to my next point.  You must have three things in your possession in order to qualify for writing reviews.  Well…okay four!  A HDTV capable of 1080p, a Blu-ray player connected via HDMI and a surround sound receiver, which does lossless audio playback.  And oh yeah…a computer or Mac to type this stuff up on and post it.

7.  This one is optional, but if you happen to live in the Austin, TX or Cleveland, OH markets, I may be able to hook you up with attending exclusive, advanced theatrical press screenings for review coverage.  So keep that in mind.

If i missed anything, please let me know.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.  This is not going to fund your lifestyle or family.  Contact me only if this is going to feed your passion and excite you like it enthralls us!  If you’re still interested and good with everything above, please contact us at webmaster at whysoblu dot com (you’re smart enough to figure that email address formatting out).  We look forward to hearing from you!


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