WSB’s Aaron Harris Interviews Marc Rizzo

Marc RizzoHey guys and gals!  It’s Aaron Harris back at the ball and chain, (my desk) reporting on an interview I had with a superstar musician.  Now when I say ‘musician,’ I mean musician!  This is a guy who plays everything by hand, which being a musician myself, will do also, but to a certain extent.  Ok, ok, let me stop beating around the bush and let you know whom I am referring to, but hold on, have you guys ever played Guitar Hero?  If so, you’ll definitely lose playing against this guy.  Marc Rizzo folks, Marc “the hardest working man” Rizzo! 

Now the name Marc Rizzo may not start ringing your bells or tooting your horns, but just the name itself sounds cool anyway.  Say it with me guys Rizzz-o, rizzle, visited us here at why sizzle blizzo!  This was a great experience speaking with this man, to have just a glimpse of what goes through his mind when he’s not wailing demonic roars through his vocal cords.  The focus on my interview with the guitar beast was the release of his new solo album titled Legionnaire

Now folks, this is an album that Rizzo recorded while he was on tour with Soulfly, one of the two rock bands he’s a member of!  That does in no way shape or form degrade the value and respect of this solo project.  For all you guys who are not familiar with Marc Rizzo or Soulfly, just to say the least, they’re a smashing heavy metal band and Rizzo is the lead guitarist.  For some people heavy metal is not their cup of tea, but for guys like Marc Rizzo, it’s their shot of vodka. 

Soulfly gets your adrenaline pumping and your blood flowing.  A lot of people I’ve spoken with say that Marc Rizzo creates music that you can workout to!  You hear that Marc, any ideas for an instructional DVD?  Beside all of the high volume, speaker bursting, heavy metal action, Marc Rizzo brings to the table acoustic sounds as well.  The solo album brings alive a style that Marc has been using for a considerable amount of time, which is the Flamenco style.  Flamenco is a Latin-based dance style which has a South American vibe with acoustic tunes.  This new solo album incorporates all into one! 

Legionnaire is just one of three solo albums that Marc Rizzo has under his belt.  As you all heard in years of trials and tribulations, “the third time’s the charm,” and that is definitely true in this album.  So girls dye your hair pink, and to you guys, grow some hair until you look into the mirror and think you’re Eddie Van Halen.  Once you accomplish that, turn on Legionnaire and bop your head continuously!  Here is an interview I had with Mr. Marc Rizzo.


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01 rizzo interview 21910 final mp3


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Make sure to vist Marc Rizzo’s official home on the web.

Marc Rizzo




4 Responses to “WSB’s Aaron Harris Interviews Marc Rizzo”

  1. Brian White

    This is an awesome interview Aaron. Great job! I love the energy you put into this!

  2. Damian Hollins

    Top notch my man congrads on the 1st published interview your doin big thangs man your future is bright …keep up the great work!

  3. Seth Shumard

    What’s croppin? A very entertaining and professional interview! I look forward to checking out the new album. Also a two thumbs up to Aaron Harris. Great job!!

  4. Ethan Aether

    I had no clue who Marc Rizzo was, but I definitely know now. Awesome in-depth artist interview. Legionnaire is a great sounding project. Hope to hear/read more from Marc!