WSB’s Aaron Harris Talks with Cass Warner

Cass WarnerHello Why So Blu fans.  I would like to thank every reader and viewer that stops to visit us here every day at our site.  We love to bring you the best of the best in movie entertainment.  Where would we all be without the big screen?  What could point us in the direction of our lives, without anything to stare at for continuous hours on end?  I don’t even want to know.  That is why I am particularly proud of one company who has been entertaining us for centuries, The Warner Brothers.  How did we all come to be the people we are today?  It’s all explained to us by Cass Warner Sperling in the documentary, The Brothers Warner on Blu-ray.

I know what you’re saying, “I hate documentaries,” but in this case folks you have to put all personal feelings aside and simply listen for a minute.  The documentary, The Brothers Warner is not your average, oh-let-me-sit-down-and-hear-my-lecture sort of film.  Although now in the new form of broadcasting, documentaries are really becoming quite interesting.  Just think about it, reality TV, that’s a form of documentation and it has received some of the highest ratings.  This film here has a little bit of all that in one.  The story of the four brothers also known as the Warner Brothers, is told by the granddaughter of Harry Warner himself, Cass Warner Sperling!  If that’s not real deal enough for you, then I don’t know what is.  Not only that, if you’re a respectful individual like myself, then you would definitely want to honor the fact that there is a film that gives us an inside scoop of the individuals who in some way shaped the way of the world.  If you can name one American that you could go up to and ask, “Who is Bugs Bunny?” and they not know the answer, please introduce me. 

Little do people know, Warner Brothers Studios has been in operation since the early 1900’s.  To be exact, the brothers began doing business as Warner Brothers Pictures Incorporated in 1923.  Cass Warner Sperling gives us a compassionate narration of events occurring in the lives of the four brothers throughout the years.  At one point in the film Cass even sits down with her mother and goes through family photo albums, which really gave me a sincere feel about the subject.  It actually made me want to call my mother and see if I had any long lost cousins who struck it rich that I didn’t know about!  The Warner Brothers are four brothers by the names of Harry Warner, Albert Warner, Sam Warner, and Jack Warner.  As explained by Cass Warner Sperling, Harry Warner (Sperling’s grandfather), being the eldest, was the so-called leader of the bunch.  Although Harry Warner passed away when Cass was only ten years old, she still has vivid memories of him letting her tag along to the studios.  In her words, “It was better than going to the circus.”

Once the 1930s began with action packed films, Warner Brothers had an official stamp on the business. Strong family ties with dignity and dedication to the art of the business, made the company strong.  Sam was classified more of as the brains of the bunch, while Jack Warner grows to be seen as chauvinistic by family and friends, which angers older brother Harry. Albert being more of the quiet one, kept the brothers loyal. During this time there were wars throughout nations that the Warners embraced in their films, which led them to political fame.  In the early days, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were studying light and sound and the Warners improved this by adding the new technology to their films.  Remember it’s now 2010, a new millennium, and these guys were doing this in the early 1900’s.  Now to this day, the Warners are thriving.  Cass Warner Sperling also uses an excellent cast of doctors, actors, and actresses to narrate along with her throughout the film. 

My highlight in the film is when Roy Disney Jr. is sitting with Cass revealing how they achieved the art of sound in movies.  Folks, ‘Warner’ is a family name carved in stone which we all must remember, for God’s sake, these are the people who put Ronald Reagan in the movies!  After hard times, Harry and Jack sell the business.  To everyone’s surprise, Jack Warner buys back Warner Brothers behind Harry’s back, which causes Harry to crash.  Success, turmoil, and betrayal; this is a saga that everyone should tune in to.  The reality of television has made a large impact in all of our lives.  Why not pay tribute to the four men who started it all?  Like all good things, they have to come to an end with the passing of all four of the brothers.  Yet and still the legacy of The Warner Brothers will never diminish, as we now have a subsidiary of the The Warner Brothers which is called The Warner Sisters!  This documentary was released through Warner Sisters by Cass Warner Sperling, and I actually had a chance to catch up with Cass and ask her a few questions about the film and the company Warner Sisters. 

Here’s an interview I had with Ms. Cass Warner Sperling.  The interview is split up into two parts.  Enjoy!


Part 1



Part 2




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  1. Til de Jong-Hall

    Mr. Harris – I enjoyed your interview with Cass Warner, very insightful!

  2. Brian White

    Great interview as always Aaron! Thanks for taking the time to stop by Cass. We all appreciate it and wish you nothing but the best of luck with all your future endeavors!