ZOMBINATRIX Offers An Awesome Limited Edition Shirt When You Donate To Help Production!

ZombinatrixHere’s a film I’m very much interested in seeing get produced.  Its Zombinatrix!  My pal Bianca Allaine is trying to get it off the ground and like most independent films these days, is taking it to horror and film fans in general to help with some production costs as this one is being paid for out of pocket.  But she’s got a sweet deal.  When you help donate at least $25, you are going to receive an awesome limited edition T-shirt with artwork designed by Jimmy Giegerich of Baltimore’s own Pizza Party Printing.  Keep on reading for some pictures, information and a link to hurry up and go snag yourself a shirt before they are all gone!


Zombinatrix Shirt

This awesome shirt can be order by going here – https://www.booster.com/zombinatrix?type=1&side=front

Zombinatrix tells the tale of Mistress Tawny, a beloved dominatrix, rises from the grave to seek vengeance on her killer.  Its being described as a throwback 1980s-inspired horror comedy.  And as many of you readers know, that’s right up my alley.  I also love the super clever tagline; “She’s into whips and BRAINS…”  So, go on, hurry up and lock yourself in for a t-shirt AND get production on this one rolling at the same time.

Zombinatrix Poster


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