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Glory 4K Blu-ray Review

Glory was a movie that I’d been hearing of for nearly my entire life. I heard it was a harrowing story of a too often forgotten group of American heroes. I was always curious to see the film and chance after chance something kept me from seeing it until this past weekend. Glory does indeed tell quite a story about a very special group of soldiers and the film is one not to be missed even 30 years after it was initially released.


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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Battles onto 4K Blu-ray Combo Pack October 22nd!

Experience an all-new adventure with DC’s most powerful heroine – filled with intrigue, mythology and relentless battles on shores near and far – in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, the next entry in the popular series of DC Universe Movies. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC, the feature-length animated film arrives – accompanied by the DC Showcase animated short Death, inspired by Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” – from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital starting October 5, 2019, and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, and Blu-ray Combo Pack on October 22, 2019. Continue reading ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Battles onto 4K Blu-ray Combo Pack October 22nd!’

The Good Movie Titled HELLBOY Comes Out On 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray October 15th!

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Academy Award®-winning director Guillermo del Toro’s (2017, Best Director, The Shape of Water) HELLBOY lands on 4K Ultra HD October 15 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The visionary director based his film on Mike Mignola’s popular Dark Horse Comics about a demon, raised from infancy after being conjured by and rescued from the Nazis, who grows up to become a defender against the forces of darkness. Ron Perlman (“Sons of Anarchy”) embodies the title role, with Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions), Doug Jones (The Shape of Water) and two-time Academy Award nominee John Hurt (1978, Best Supporting Actor, Midnight Express; 1980, Best Actor, The Elephant Man) also starring.  The HELLBOY 4K Ultra HD presents both the Theatrical and Director’s Cut versions of the film, both newly remastered in 4K resolution from the original camera negative with exclusive Dolby Atmos audio for both versions of the movie, along with the original theatrical 5.1 audio.

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John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES Sinks Its Teeth Into A New Collector’s Edition Blu-ray From Scream Factory!

Prepare for the dawn. On September 24, 2019, Scream Factory proudly presents the definitive release of John Carpenter’s Vampires on Blu-ray. The fang-baring film directed by the legendary John Carpenter is presented in this stacked collector’s edition release, featuring brand-new interviews with John Carpenter, Sandy King Carpenter, Greg Nicotero, Gary B. Kibbe, James Woods, Thomas Ian Griffith and Tim Guinee.


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The Art of Racing in the Rain… { Insert feels here } (Movie Review)

The Art of Racing in the Rain Movie ReviewI have seen two films with “The Art of” in the beginning of their titles this summer. The first film was The Art of Self Defense (2019), go see it if you guys haven’t seen it yet, and now The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019). To be honest,  I’m usually indifferent about seeing these types of films. The only exception to my indifference towards these sentimental dog films would be, the aptly named, A Boy and his Dog (1975). It’s a weird one, but a good one. Though there are some similarities in each film, like quite a few, make no mistake, the two are wildly different films! The reason for my indifference for these films is  because they are pretty predictable for the most part. However, I am always willing to watch and review as many films as I have the opportunity to. So I went to see this film, by myself, in a room full of strangers. Some audience members were young, some audience members were old, and, all of us were from different walks of life. However, when our furry protagonist is heard narrating his ordeal in a heart wrenching opening scene… well… let’s just say the water works were already flowing. Sniff… sniff. Alright guys… sniff… let’s… sniff begin.

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‘The Kitchen’ Serves Up Some Cold Food (Movie Review)

The Kitchen Movie ReviewThe Kitchen sounds like it should be a cooking talk show.  Does it not?  Come on it doesn’t hurt to start a review off by being silly and don’t tell me you’re not thinking along those lines either.  The ironic part about The Kitchen too is how excited I am for it.  I say that because I never used to be a fan of Melissa McCarthy at all.  I used to avoid everything she was in.  Then the unthinkable happened.  I reluctantly checked out a press screening for the new Ghostbusters a few years back and left the theater instantly a fan.  Ever since then I instantly, like overnight kind of instantly, became a fan of hers and I even by free choice watched her Rated-R Muppets movie last year.  While it wasn’t that good it was at least somewhat tolerable, but I digress.  I’m all about strong women in my movies and from the trailer The Kitchen doesn’t look like an exception at all.  We’re so used to seeing men in these kind of crime, gangster roles so I’m stoked to see how the women proverbially take care of the business.  Bring it! Continue reading ‘‘The Kitchen’ Serves Up Some Cold Food (Movie Review)’

The Curse of La Llorona (Blu-ray Review)

The timeless Hispanic legend comes to terrifying life in “The Curse of La Llorona.” She is The Weeping Woman and those who hear her death call in the night are doomed. She creeps in the shadows and preys on the children, desperate to replace her own. In 1970s Los Angeles, La Llorona is stalking the night—and the children. Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm. Their only hope to survive La Llorona’s deadly wrath may be a disillusioned priest and the mysticism he practices to keep evil at bay, on the fringes where fear and faith collide. Continue reading ‘The Curse of La Llorona (Blu-ray Review)’

Avengers: Endgame (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

 Here we are with the home video release of the biggest movie in the world of all time, Avengers: Endgame. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? That one that followed up the previous years’ giant film with a giant cliffhanger and brought together all of the major superheroes on screen together? No, not Justice League. Okay, I’ll stop being dumb, but how else to introduce a movie that practically the entire population knows what it is and has seen it AT LEAST one time? Its coming to all the formats, including the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray format which I am reviewing here. A format that Disney has struggled with overall, with some bright spots leading to hoping a corner had been turned, only to backpedal quickly after. Where will Endgame stand in that pantheon? THERE’S our mystery for the intro paragraph! Well, lets continue!
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FEAR NO EVIL Arrives On Blu-ray September 24th From Scream Factory!

God has appointed three archangels to fight against Lucifer, who has assumed human features. Archangel Raphael, in the guise of Father Damon, kills Lucifer and ends his life in jail. But his sister, Archangel Mikhail, knows that one day the Devil will reappear. Eighteen years later, Lucifer returns, now in the form of Andrew, a brilliant but shy schoolboy at Alexandria High who becomes conscious of his devilish nature on his birthday. Archangel Mikhail, allies with Gabrielle to defeat Lucifer in this “remarkably assured, personal and powerful film [that] is never less than gripping” (TV Guide)!

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The Thin Man (Blu-ray Review)

Warner Archive Collection’s tail end of July slate included the Blu-ray debut of the legendary mystery/detective film from the 1930s, The Thin Man. This comedy bending caper was a pretty big hit in the decade and hindsight shows it was quite a big one, developing into one of cinema’s earliest series (Or as we would call them today, “franchises”). The Thin Man spawned a number of sequels through the 1940s as well as a television series in the 1950s. Will this initial release prove to be the first of many Thin Man mysteries to hit Blu-ray? One has to wonder if there are plans to release the remainder. Its probably dependent on how well the sales and actual demand turn out to be for this first film. So, if you’re wanting more Thin Blus (#ThinBlus ???), you’ll probably have to fork over the dollars to this one regardless. Its the name of the game as a boxed set of all the films likely is not in the cards at all. You can grab the original here by finding it on Warner Archive Collection’s site or the Amazon link after the review.
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Batman: Hush (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Batman: HushI kind of ruined the surprise for myself, but when the motion picture release of Batman: Hush was announced I did the unthinkable.  I grabbed the digital version of the comic book series this storyline appears within and dived in headfirst.  It was a compelling storyline, which I found difficult at times to put down (as I read through it in chunks).  I’m not going to lie.  What really drew me in though was seeing Batman’s famous rouge of Gotham enemies all being controlled by a masked man behind the scenes like puppets.  It dives into Bruce Wayne’s personal life a bit and explores the complications in his relationship with the seductive Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.  However, I am getting a bit ahead of myself here in this first paragraph.  I apologize as I get a bit excited and giddy when talking about the world of Batman and the rich characters surrounding him.  So without further ado I bestow upon you my review of Batman: Hush, which makes it 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray debut tomorrow, August 6th. Continue reading ‘Batman: Hush (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

GALAXY QUEST Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbook Arriving 9/17

Personally, this is my favorite “Star Trek” movie, and now it has something special for all. As it states: By Grabthar’s hammer, the intrepid crew of the NSEA Protector is back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the uproarious classic GALAXY QUEST, arriving in our solar system September 17, 2019, in a Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Steelbook exclusively at Best Buy from Paramount Home Entertainment. Featuring an out-of-this-world all-star cast including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Enrico Colantoni, Daryl Mitchell and Justin Long, this rollicking send-up of sci-fi fanaticism is as funny today as it was when it premiered in theaters 20 years ago.

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IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Upgrades To A Wonderful 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray October 29th!

Return to Bedford Falls to experience the life-affirming message of director Frank Capra’s enduringly popular classic all over again when IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE arrives on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray for the first time ever October 29, 2019.  Fully restored from the original negative IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE in 4K delivers amazing clarity with sharper and brighter images for a sensational home viewing experience.



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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was the first potentially “real” challenger to Avengers: Endgame’s box office championship belt, but fell just under 9 million shy of taking it. As Avengers was the fourth film with that moniker, so was Detective Pikachu the fourth Warner Bros produced Pokemon movie (Though not in any continuity as the first 3 were animated from the later 90s/early 00s). There was potential for this movie to be a big hit, vying for a potentially mega popular franchise plus potential nostalgia. Though it wasn’t some juggernaut, the film did do some respectable global box office and came just shy of recouping its budget within the domestic US wide release on its own. Potentially the budget was a bit too much but I’m sure Warner had their eyes more on the global prize that just what it would do at home. The film is not heading its way to home video on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on August 6th where you can pick it up in stores or use the Amazon link below.
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Hammer’s SCARS OF DRACULA Stakes September 10th For It US Blu-ray Debut!

The legendary Christopher Lee (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, The Lord of the Rings) is back as Dracula, bringing unspeakable horrors upon a local village that defies his evil reign. But when a young man and his luscious girlfriend unwittingly visit the Count’s castle, they find themselves trapped in a face-to-face frenzy of bloodthirsty vixens, religious blasphemy and sadistic henchmen. The prince of darkness has returned like never before, but will his horrific mark remain forever?


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‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’ Supercharged! (Movie Review)

Hobbs and Shaw Movie ReviewWe’ve been covering the Fast & Furious films on the site ever since part six with my reviews of the eighth HERE, seventh HERE and finally that sixth one of Aaron’s HERE.  Lucky for me the franchise shows no signs of slowing down with a ninth one on its way next year, but I digress.  Today it’s time to talk about a spin-off of The Fast and the Furious franchise.  That’s right!  You heard me correct.  Fans loved the chemistry between Jason Statham (as Deckard Shaw) and Dwayne Johnson (as Luke Hobbs) in the seventh and eighth installments so much that they are now getting their cake and eating it too.  Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the spin-off appropriately titled Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (we’ll roll with the latter half of that name throughout the rest of this review).  There’s no mistake about it.  When it comes to a title like that you know who the movie revolves around.  But wait!  There’s so much more to talk about.  Buckle up and follow me down below.  Vroom!  Vroom! Continue reading ‘‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’ Supercharged! (Movie Review)’

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM Arrives On 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray September 10th!

John Wick reloads for another worldwide smash hit when John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum arrives on Digital August 23 and on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital), Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand September 10 from global content leader Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B). The highly anticipated third film in the blockbuster John Wick franchise is an action-packed, international thrill ride that is now Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh™.

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Alita: Battle Angel (4K UHD & Blu-ray 3D Review)

Alita Battle AngelAlita: Battle Angel was always going to be an interesting film to me. The trailer alone made me want to see it immediately. The story seemed to go just a little bit deeper than your average sci-fi action thrill ride and the scenes shown were stunners meant to draw you in. As you know, a trailer can be the taste film fans need to make them go see a film, or it can be all the best scenes thrown into a short spot to make people think the film will be good. Either way, people who make trailers are geniuses of marketing… The people who made the Alita trailer should then be totally praised. They not only didn’t give away much of the movie, they gave just enough to make you want more. The film is a sprawling visually stunning near masterpiece of the genre. I can’t wait for you to see my thoughts on Alita: Battle Angel below! It just may be as effective as a trailer! As an added treat, my esteemed colleague Mr. Brian White has checked out the 3D version of Alita: Battle Angel and shares his expert thoughts on that disc here too! Continue reading ‘Alita: Battle Angel (4K UHD & Blu-ray 3D Review)’