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Pacific Rim Uprising (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Pacific Rim UprisingAs a huge fan of the first Pacific Rim I can honestly say I have been waiting for the second installment for quite some time now.  Dubbed Pacific Rim Uprising we finally got another story, which Guillermo del Toro said one day would happen.  However, no one really believed so did they?  This time though del Toro has passed on the directing torch.  We’ll talk more about that down below.  For now I want to focus on the mere surprise that this film actually exists and I believe we have China to thank for that.  The people there enthusiastically embraced the first outing and I’m sure the studio/producers were banking on this one’s success out there again.  Lightning can strike twice and let’s hope it does on home media because while I want more movies made like this I’m not going to lie.  The film’s trailers left me very underwhelmed, but I love being proven wrong.   I was hoping that would at least be the case here.  It’s meh, but still fun at times.
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Hawkman Spreads His Wings in Big Return

DC has a massive library of characters to its credit. Some, like Batman (of course), are so successful that there is never a need to shelve the character in any form in comics. Then you have others like Plastic Man which disappear for years at a time, and are then brought back fresh and revamped. Finally, there are those super heroes that are commonly found in the pages of DC Comics, but for some reason or another, disappear for a short time and finally make a big splash in their return. This is certainly the case for Carter Hall, better known as the mace-wielding, sky-soaring hero known as Hawkman.

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Iron Monkey [Eureka Classics] (Blu-ray Review)

A breathtaking action adventure from perhaps the greatest action choreographer of all time, Yuen Woo-ping s Iron Monkey combines mind-blowing fight choreography, with a classic story of courage, honour and sacrifice. Wong Kei-ying ( Donnie Yen; Ip Man, Rogue One), a physician and martial artist, is mistaken for a masked vigilante known as the Iron Monkey ( Yu Rong-kwong); a Robin Hood style hero who has been robbing the wealthy local officials in order to provide medical treatment for the poor. The two men must team up to defeat a corrupt political regime; and protect the lives of the people whose cause they champion. Presented from a brand new, stunning 2K restoration, Eureka Classics is proud to present this iconic martial arts classic making its UK debut on Blu-ray.  Continue reading ‘Iron Monkey [Eureka Classics] (Blu-ray Review)’

Dances With Films Festival 2018 – Even More Father/Son Reviews

The older and younger Coleman critic clan are going cinema strong still watching many movie outings via the current Dances With Films Festival 2018 (taking place June 7-17 at the Chinese 6 Theaters at Hollywood and Highland – go to www.danceswithfilms.com for more details!) and the reviews are pouring in.  This time out there are twenty-two reviews in total – eleven Narrative features, four Doc features, three Doc shorts, three Fusion shorts and one TV & Web Pilot – that Jason and Michael have dissected for your reading pleasure.  Check out the critic skinny on Save Yourself, Meant To Be Broken, Miss Arizona, Nathan’s Kingdom, Doubting Thomas, An American In Texas, Stay, At The Drive-In, Father’s Kingdom, Between The Shades, Shirts!, I Am Famous, The Kaleidoscope Guy At The Market, The Shiva List, Someone You Know, Brock Bledsoe: Future Hero and Doucheaholics: Melody & Madison below! Continue reading ‘Dances With Films Festival 2018 – Even More Father/Son Reviews’

Scream Factory Pads Its JOHN CARPENTER Canon With 3 New Blu-rays July 24th!

On July 24, Scream Factory will release three excellent films from the canon of John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) on Blu-ray, Memoirs of an Invisible ManSomeone’s Watching Me, and In The Mouth of Madness, the latter in a new Collector’s Edition. In The Mouth Of Madness [Collector’s Edition] boasts several exciting new special features, including a new audio commentary with director John Carpenter and producer Sandy King Carpenter, discussing the 1995 film.



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The Curse Of The Cat People (Blu-ray Review)

Interestingly enough, Scream Factory is delivering the sequel to Cat People, having released Cat People. Though, their Cat People was the remake, as Criterion distributes the original (Also on FilmStruck). This sequel is a little bit of an underground phenomenon and one people have been kinda hoping would pop up on the Blu-ray format someday. Scream Factory doesn’t always dig this old, but they’ve dipped into the vaults here for the 74 year old horror sequel. They aren’t doing a Collector’s Edition, but they are still filling this release up with some goodies for the fans. You’re going to get a couple good commentaries (One featuring a Simone Simon interview) among other things. Its available for pre-order now. So click the link below get your copy by June 19th! Continue reading ‘The Curse Of The Cat People (Blu-ray Review)’

Coming To America – 30th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Along with the 35th anniversary of Trading Places, Paramount has also released a 30th-anniversary edition of Coming to America, another massive hit for Eddie Murphy. Unfortunately, much like the new Trading Places release, there’s nothing new to be found in this release, including everything on the technical side of the release. That’s a shame, as Coming to America is often looked at as one of Murphy’s best films for a good reason. It has plenty of classic hysterical moments, in addition to an ultimately sweet story that plays up a romantic angle, amid the fish out of water concept.

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Big Bang Theory Season 11 Gets A September Blu-ray Date!

I’m so excited about this news!  In its eleventh season, The Big Bang Theory garnered an audience of nearly 19 million Weekly Viewers, solidifying its spot as one of the top sitcoms, and broadcast programs in general, across all demographics.* Now, ahead of the much-anticipated twelfth season premiere this fall, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is set to release The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eleventh Season on Blu-ray and DVD  September 11, 2018. The release will also delight fans with three all-new bonus featurettes, and a hilarious gag reel. Blu-ray release will also include the 2017 Comic-Con cast panel. The eleventh season of The Big Bang Theory is also currently available to own via purchase from digital retailers. Continue reading ‘Big Bang Theory Season 11 Gets A September Blu-ray Date!’

DWF 2018 Interview – ‘Murder Made Easy’ Dynamic Duo Jessica Graham & Christopher Soren Kelly Provide Some Killer Insight

More likely than not, most people have either seen the work of or heard the names Jessica Graham and Christopher Soren Kelly.  Two multi-talented artists who have been dipping their creative toes into so many different endeavors for years, the pair has seemingly made it their mission in life to stay innovative and original.  On the movies front not only has the couple made numerous notable short films together wearing many different crew hats (see Monkeys and Chasseur!), but they’re also putting the final finishing touches on a sci-fi feature film called The Tangle.  Christopher is a writer, director and actor (see recent outing Infinity Chamber!) who also dabbles in teaching spiritual stuff, while actress/writer/filmmaker Jessica who also teaches meditation even has a new book out titled Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out.  (These two are busy bees!)  Continue reading ‘DWF 2018 Interview – ‘Murder Made Easy’ Dynamic Duo Jessica Graham & Christopher Soren Kelly Provide Some Killer Insight’

PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING Flies Onto Blu-ray July 31st!

It may seem like paradise, but just off shore a new brand of terror has been unleashed in Piranha II, James Cameron’s directorial debut. The razor-sharp sequel to Piranha comes to Blu-ray for the first time July 31, 2017 from Scream Factory in a release that features a brand new 2K scan of the original camera negative and new interviews with cast and crew.




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Trading Places – 35th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Review)

For better or worse, Paramount is delivering two Eddie Murphy classics this month, in honor of their anniversaries. The first is his two-hander with co-lead Dan Aykroyd, Trading Places, the modern take on The Prince and the Pauper, which features Murphy’s hustler taking over the life of Aykroyd’s spoiled yuppie. Trading Places is a beloved comedy from the 80s and while some may be pleased with a new Blu-ray release, just know that there’s almost no difference beyond the inclusion of a digital copy and new-ish box art. Still, there’s a great comedy to take in here.


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Unsane (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Steven Soderbergh’s Unsane made its buzz by being a horror movie shot using only an iPhone. No, its not the first film to utilize the day-to-day device to make a film and Soderbergh’s not the first prestigious director to test his hand at it (I believe Chan Wook Park was first). However, Unsane is probably the first high profile iPhone film and one with the biggest and widest mainstream theatrical release. Granted, the film didn’t turn into some modest hit, but who knows how inexpensive the film probably was (It didn’t even cross ten million dollars domestically and barely over worldwide). I expect those curious will finally check it out now on home video and it may be a find for those who had never heard of it when it releases on June 19th. Continue reading ‘Unsane (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Dances With Films Festival 2018 – More Father/Son Film Reviews

The first opening weekend of the ongoing Dances With Films Festival 2018 here in sunny LA (taking place June 7-17 at the Chinese 6 Theaters at Hollywood and Highland – go to www.danceswithfilms.com for more details!) has come and gone and it’s been a minefield of movies galore!  Of course there’s tons more to come this week including more reviews and interviews, but there’s a gaggle of flicks that have already played the fest and are in need a little critical coverage via our father/son WhySoBlu team.  So below are the first set of a massive twenty-eight film reviews – eleven features, thirteen midnight shorts, one competition short and three TV/Web Pilots – from the Coleman clan via this year’s crop of hopefuls.  Enjoy the critical skinny on features Reach, Diminuendo, Chasing Bullitt, Till Death, End Trip, shorts F@cking Drama, Instinct, Granny, Bad Seed, Frenchies, Feast On The Young, Stay, Hajji, and TV/Web Pilots Inspirational TherapyGeek Lounge and Yellow below. Continue reading ‘Dances With Films Festival 2018 – More Father/Son Film Reviews’

Forrest Gump (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

And randomly, Paramount has decided to flip over to us the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray upgrade of Best Picture winner Forrest Gump. There’s no milestone the film is hitting this year, but they seem to be mixing in their Best Picture winning films (Previously Gladiator and Braveheart) in with the genre/franchise films they tend to lean on. Nevertheless its not like it isn’t a film that you wouldn’t think would be one coming eventually. But, here we are pretty early on with a 4K Ultra-HD release of the film that nabbed Tom Hanks his second Oscar statue (As Sabretooth would say “Back to back!”). While the film features new audio and video, the extras remain the same (They are pretty thorough, don’t worry). You’ll be able to pick this on up on June 12th! Continue reading ‘Forrest Gump (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Love, Simon (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Love, Simon came out during week five of the Black Panther box office phenomenon that rocketed off our cinematic year. It managed to be a pretty solid hit, but some might wonder if it couldn’t have maybe done some bigger business and been a little more of an event had Wakanda fever not seemed like the only option. Love, Simon was seen by many as a possible LGTBQ cinematic breakthrough hit. Which, in all honesty, at $40 million on a small budget during the spring season (If $48 million for Lady Bird is hailed a triumph, then so is this), it kinda was. With that kind of business in almost tripling the opening weekend budget, maybe we can look at Love, Simon as a launching point if others seem to increase the demand, interest and revenue at the box office. Anyhow, it’ll now reach probably more with its home video life. Its even coming to 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray on June 12th. You can pre-order the film by clicking Amazon link below. Continue reading ‘Love, Simon (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Game of Thrones: Season 1 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Game of Thrones Season 1 4K ReviewIt’s no secret.  The smash hit HBO series Game of Thrones has sat atop the Iron Throne of the home entertainment charts as the best-selling TV on Blu-ray/DVD title in each of the last seven seasons.  All that time we have had you covered with our in-depth reviews of the series here on Why So Blu. If you missed any of our past coverage of these best selling Blu-ray sets, please refer to the following links to seasons 1 and 2 here, 3 here, 4 here, here and 6 here and 7 over here.  The box sets are extremely popular among fans for their extensive bonus content that takes diehard viewers even further into the world of Westerns.  Read any of our aforementioned past season reviews and you’ll know that’s no joke at all.  They even released Steelbook collectors editions that brought a whole new dimension to the series with the addition of a Dolby Atmos soundtrack and brand new box art designed by the team that created the series’ Emmy Award-winning title sequence (see those here and here).  And while we wait for Season 8’s debut (whenever that is) HBO Home Entertainment has done it again!  Now you can relive the warmer days and calmer nights of Westeros as Game of Thrones: Season 1 has made its highly-anticipated debut on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray optimized for Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range on June 5th.
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Tomb Raider (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Tomb Raider 4K ReviewI feel like I have been waiting forever for this reincarnation of the Tomb Raidemovie franchise.  While we just covered the Angelina Jolie films in 4K over here and here recently I never truly identified with them.  I found Angelina Jolie likable in the looks department, but was not able to fully marry myself with the goofiness of her role.  Oh well.  It mattered not as the franchise ended prematurely with only two adventures.  It’s all water under the bridge now.  I guess the same could be said for the Tomb Raider/Lara Croft video game series because in 2013 they were also rebooted too.  However, that was very much a good thing, a step in the right direction, and ultimately the reason why we’re all here today.  So let’s get started.
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Vegas Hockey Proves Golden

Hey, what’s a sports article doing here? Well, we are an entertainment website and some things just don’t entertain the way pro sports do. Case in point, the Vegas Golden Knights. I remember a few years ago when I first heard the NHL will be expanding again with the possible locations for a team being Seattle, Washington, Hamilton, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario (yes, a second team there) and Las Vegas, Nevada. Having someone rival the Maple Leafs in the same town seemed highly unlikely, and honestly, quite ludicrous. Hamilton recently had the Bulldogs of the AHL, but that’s a location that didn’t strike me as being big enough to support an NHL team. Seattle seemed the most likely of all, yet they wouldn’t be the one awarded a franchise team for the 2017-18 season. That left Las Vegas as the one holding all the cards.

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