3 Lionsgate Thrillers Coming to Blu-ray this April!

LionsgateNot 1, not 2, but 3 classic thrillers are coming to Blu-ray this April from my favorite studio Lionsgate.  The first time films on the Blu-ray format include Jade starring David Caruso and Linda Fiorentino, The Relic starring Penelope Ann Miller and Tom Sizemore and Flight of the Intruder starring everyone’s favorite Willem Dafoe and the infamous Predator hunter Danny Glover.   Check out Lionsgate’s synopsis of each film listed below. 

Jade Synopsis:
Assistant D.A. David Corelli (David Caruso) is trapped between friendship and the law when the brutal murder of an important San Francisco millionaire points toward his former lover and college friend, Trina Gavin (Linda Fiorentino), a beautiful woman with a mysterious alter ego. As details of the murder victim’s sexual escapades emerge, Corelli uncovers evidence that the victim was blackmailing a powerful politician with incriminating photographs. But as the crucial witnesses are systematically murdered and attempts on Corelli’s life are made, the case assumes a paranoid veneer in which nothing is certain and no one can be trusted. Set against a backdrop of the immaculate mansions of the San Francisco wealthy with a decorative fetish for the ancient Far East and contrasted with a classic Friedkin chase scene through the city’s Chinatown, Jade is a lush, dark and suspenseful sexual thriller from the writer of Basic Instinct that will keep the audience guessing until the very last scene. The Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Definition Widescreen format and 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio.  

The Relic Synopsis:
Plucky evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Green (Penelope Ann Miller) joins forces with tough Chicago cop Lt. Vincent D’Agosta (Tom Sizemore) to unravel the mystery behind the horribly mangled corpses that keep popping up around her museum during an opening night gala. When they investigate further they find that there were mysterious deaths on the cargo ship that brought new exhibit pieces across the ocean. Sure enough, there’s a monster to blame, sprung from a strange artifact of South American origin. Based on the bestseller by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, The Relic Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Definition Widescreen format and 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio.  

Flight of the Intruder Synopsis:
Two pilots go against the rulebook in a bid to win the war in Vietnam in this speculative military drama. Lieutenant Jake Grafton (Brad Johnson) is a U.S. Navy pilot stationed aboard an aircraft carrier after the death of his one-time flying partner Morgan McPherson (Christopher Rich), who perished during a recent, ill-advised mission. Lt. Grafton, who has become cynical about the current state of military affairs, is convinced that if the war were left to the soldiers rather than the politicians overseeing the Pentagon, a United States victory would be swift and assured. Grafton shares this opinion with Virgil Cole (Willem Dafoe), a supremely confident new pilot under his command, and together they commandeer an A-6 Bomber, known as The Intruder, for an unauthorized bombing raid against Hanoi. Based on the novel by Stephen Coonts, the Flight of the Intruder Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Definition Widescreen format and 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio.


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  1. Gerard

    The Relic and Jade, for me. I’ll rent Flight of the Intruder.