3 More Bonds on the Way!

Three more James Bond film’s have been announced for the Blu-ray format.  The three classic films will be released on March 24th from MGM and Twentieth Century Fox.  Are you ready for the titles?  OK…so here we go…  The three classic Bond films coming to Blu-ray on march 24th are Goldfinger, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough.  They have all been fully restored and remastered for the ultimate High-Definition Experience.  The full press release from MGM can be found below with a list of all the special features that can be found on all three releases.

Three More Classic 007 Adventures Make Their High-Definition Debut
March 24 From MGM And Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, CA – Experience the world of Bond the way it was meant to be seen as the ultimate spy series reveals even faster car chases, shinier gadgets and sexier Bond Girls, when three classic 007 films premiere on Blu-ray Disc (BD) March 24 from MGM and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. 

Fan favorite must-own missions, GOLDFINGER, MOONRAKER, and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH span Bond’s ageless career and have been restored and re-mastered for the highest picture and sound quality via the state-of-the-art Lowry process digital frame-by-frame restoration. These titles join DR. NO, DIE ANOTHER DAY, LIVE AND LET DIE, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and THUNDERBALL, recently made available on BD.

One of the world’s most successful and longest running film franchises in history, the MI6 special agent boasts an astounding 98% global consumer awareness.  Each James Bond Blu-ray Disc is loaded with a dossier of top-secret extras, such as declassified featurettes and exclusive interactive guides.



Bonus Disc Specific Special Features:


+   Audio Commentary Featuring Director Guy Hamilton

+    Audio Commentary Featuring Members of the Cast and Crew

+    “Declassified: MI6 Vault”

o        Sean Connery From the Set of Goldfinger

o        Theodore Bikel Screen Test

o          Tito Vandis Screen Test

o        On Tour With the Aston Martin DB5

o        Honor Blackman Open-Ended Interview

+    “007 Mission Control” Interactive Guide Into the World of Goldfinger

+    Exotic Locations featurette

+    Mission Dossier

o        The Making of Goldfinger

o        The Goldfinger Phenomenon

o        Original Publicity Featurette

+    Ministry of Propaganda

o        Theatrical Archive

§         Original Theatrical Trailer

o        TV Broadcasts

§         “Stop Look He’s Looking For Trouble – 007 It Spells Bond”

§         “Miss Honey & Miss Galore”

§         “Miss Honey & Miss Galore Have James Bond Back For More”

o        Radio Communication

Original Radio Interviews with Sean Connery and other radio spots

+    Image Database Galleries




+    Audio Commentary Featuring Sir Roger Moore

+    Audio Commentary Featuring Director Lewis Gilbert and Members of the Cast and Crew

+     “Declassified MI6” Vault

o        007 In Rio – Original 1979 Production Featurette

o        Bond ’79

o        Ken Adam’s Production Films

o        Learning to Freefall – Sky Diving Test Footage

o        Sky Diving Storyboards

o        Circus Footage

o        Cable Car Alternative Storyboard 1

o        Cable Car Alternative Storyboard 2

+    “007 Mission Control” – Interactive Guide Into the World of Moonraker

+     “Exotic Locations” featurette

+    Mission Dossier

o        Inside Moonraker – An Original Documentary

o        The Men Behind the Mayhem – Special Effects Documentary

+    Ministry of Propaganda

o        Release Trailer

+    Image Database Galleries


The World Is Not Enough

+    Audio Commentary Featuring Director Michael Apted

+    Audio Commentary Featuring Peter Lamont, David Arnold and Vic Armstrong

+     “Declassified: MI6 Vault”

o        Deleted & Extended Scenes with Introductions by Director Michael Apted

§         Deleted Scene: Meeting Renard

§         Extended Scene: Bond Tries To Stop King

§         Deleted Scene: DB5 at King’s Funeral

§         Extended Scene: The Things We Do For England

§         Deleted Scene: Static Charge

§         Deleted Scene: Oil and Blood

§         Alternate Scene: Trouble in the Pipeline

o        The Boat Chase

§         Introduction with Director Michael Apted 

§         Extended Scene: The Thames Boat Chase

§         Expanded Angle View

§         Alternate Angle View

§         Original Scene

o        “James Bond Down River”Original 1999 Featurette

o        Creating an Icon: Making the Teaser Trailer

o        Hong Kong Press Conference

+     “007 Mission Control” – Interactive Guide Into the World of The World Is Not Enough

+    Exotic Locations featurette

+    Mission Dossier

o        The Making of The World Is Not Enough

o        Bond Cocktail

o        Tribute to Desmond Llewelyn

o       The World Is Not Enough” Music Video by Garbage

o        The Secrets of 007: Alternative Video Option

§         Opening Jump

§         Boat Chase

§         Main Title

§         Hologram

§         Ski Scene

§         X-Ray Vision!

§         Nuclear Facility

§         Caviar Factory

§         Submarine

+    Ministry of Propaganda

o        Release Trailer


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