More Twilight Blu-ray Details

This news just in and it is a bit surprising to me.  As we previously announced, Twilight will be headed to the Blu-ray format on March 21st, but the title will be a Best Buy and Target exclusive.  Quite frankly, these exclusive deals are driving me crazy as of late.  I miss the old days.  The official word is that Twilight will be available on Blu-ray only at Best buy, Target and online stores, before being made available to other retailers on May 5th.  Technical specs include 1080P video and a DTS-HD Lossless Audio 5.1 surround track.  Known extras include an audio commentary, a seven-part documentary, a “Comic-Con Phenomenon” featurette, 10 deleted/extended scenes and three music videos by Linkin Park, Paramore and Muse.


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