‘A Common Man’ Finds His Way To Blu-ray

A-Common-ManHmm…How did I never hear of this title Sir Ben Kingsley, or should I call him the Mandarin, is in?  Oh well!  I’m here to tell you about it now.  This one slipped into my inbox late yesterday from my favorite PR specialist, but I apologize…I’m just getting around to it right now.   So without further ado, Anchor Bay Entertainment warmly presents A Common Man, starring once again…Academy Award Winner Ben Kingsley, on the Blu-ray and DVD format May 21st.  Read all about it below in the press release and pre-order your copy now!  Do it!

Our newspapers are filled with stories about them. The airwaves announce their actions on a daily basis. But who exactly is what we call a “terrorist?” While they share the same methods, do all terrorists have the same goal?

Anchor Bay Films announces the May 21st Blu-ray™ and DVD release of Myriad Pictures’ A COMMON MAN. Oscar®-winner Ben Kingsley (GANDHI, the upcoming IRON MAN 3) stars as a seemingly average citizen who plants five powerful bombs in different locations around a major international city and threatens to detonate them unless his sole unconditional demand is met: The simultaneous release of four of the most deadly international terrorists from government prisons. In an urban landscape already gripped by fear, what could be the real motive behind a cunning madman’s ultimate plan?

Ben Cross (STAR TREK, CHARIOTS OF FIRE) co-stars in the film, which has been named a finalist at this year’s New York Festival. An explosive thriller about duty, justice and the never-ending cycle of terrorist violence – all of which begins and ends with A COMMON MAN.

A COMMON MAN, screenplay written and directed by Chandrum Rutnam, from the story by Neeraj Pandy, was produced by B.S. Radha Krishnan, Manohan Nanyakkara, and Rutnam of Asia Digital Entertainment. Paul Mason and Jonathan Sheinberg served as executive producers.



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