Adam Green’s ‘Frozen’ Extras…

There’s less than 2 weeks to go until Adam Green’s chiller/thriller, Frozen, hits the frozen food aisle of your favorite Blu-ray retailer on September 28th.  In celebration of the upcoming release, the good people over at Anchor Bay Entertainment have a few clips they are allowing us to share with our loyal readers taken from the extras found on the Blu-ray and DVD releases.  Check out all the “frozen” details below.  But most importantly, don’t get left behind with frost bite, pre-order your copy of Frozen on Blu-ray today. We will have a full Blu-ray review of the title up on the site here very soon, so stay tuned!

Clip #1 is from the “BEATING THE MOUNTAIN” featurette where Adam Green describes the extreme weather conditions and all the layers of gear he and the cast/crew had to wear to stay warm.

Clip #2 is from the “ORIGINS OF FROZEN” featurette where Adam Green talks about how he came up with the concept of the movie.

And check this out…if you are one of the lucky ones to live in the LA/Burbank area, then you are indeed lucky my friends because Adam Green will be at Dark Delicacies out in Burbank with the cast of Frozen signing goodies for you this coming Friday night at 7 PM.

Hatchet and Frozen DVD/Blu Ray signing with director Adam Green and Shawn Ashmore, Ed Ackeman, Rileah Vanderbilt, Andy Garfield, Will Barratt, and Kevin ZegersFrozen DVD covers will be available to get signed with the pre-order of the DVD which will be released on Tuesday, September 28th.

For more information and store directions check out their website here: http://www.darkdel.com/.  And anyone nice enough to send me something signed by Adam and cast will be my best friend forever.  I’m just saying.


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