Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People (DVD Review)

Sometimes it’s nice to forget everything, and watch something totally farfetched and profoundly entertaining. That is exactly what the television show Adventure Time is to me. Granted, these 12 episodes are the only ones I’ve seen, but based off of the good time I had watching them, I can’t imagine myself missing the upcoming episodes on Cartoon Network. So enter the tripped out world of Finn the human (Jeremy Shada, Team America: World Police), Jake the dog (John Dimaggio, Futurama) and Lady Rainicorn as they embark on countless epic adventures together, involving magic, love, and action. Adventure Time has been nominated for two Emmy’s for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program. Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People features fantastic video/audio quality, especially for a DVD, but falls apart in the special feature department. Chances are, if you are a fan of the show, this DVD is a must-buy.  


The Show 

1. My Two Favorite People

Out of the twelve episodes on the disc, this is by far my favorite, and I can tell why they chose this specific episode as the market for this DVD. My Two Favorite People starts out with Jake visiting his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, while simultaneously ditching his best friend Finn. So once Jake devises a plan to get Rainicorn and Finn to become friends, so he can be with his friend and his girlfriend at the same time, but things collapse once Lady Rainicorn and Finn become closer then Jake had hoped. Simply hilarious is the perfect statement to describe this episode. The randomness of the adventures of Finn and Lady Rainicorn cannot help but produce laughs.

2. Evicted

After a night of telling scary vampire stories with Jake and Finn, supposedly “true” according to Jake’s tendency to be full of it, his “so-called” scary story turns into a real nightmare. Soon, Jake and Finn are running for their lives from Marceline the Vampire Queen (Olivia Olson) who continuously attempts to thwart their attempts at moving into a new house, as Marceline the Vampire Queen took over their sacred treehouse. Yet another fun, weird, and laugh filled episode. My favorite moment consists of a fantastic song called “Evicted” performed by Pendleton Ward featuring Olivia Olson, an excerpt from the song goes as follows:

You know you should have stayed and fought that sexy vampire lady
Jake was feeling terrified, he was super scared of her vampire bite
Which is understandable, cause vampires are really powerful
They’re unreasonable and burnt out on dealing with mortals

3. Ricardio The Heart Guy

Once the pals rescue Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King, she vows to throw them a party, otherwise known as PARTY TIME. Unaware of Finn’s crush on Princess Bubblegum, Jake unwittingly takes him to the party, where they meet Ricardio The Heart Guy, who is literally a small heart-shaped figure. Ricardio serves as competition for Finn, and they both start the fight of their lives for Princess Bubblegum. This is the only episode on the disc that I didn’t have any interest in. It didn’t have very well put together jokes and it just didn’t click with me.

4. Trouble In Lumpy Space

After an attempt to master an “intense” tea party involving floating on cheese-like blocks, Jake recieves a bite from a giant purple cloud that turns out to be a giant lump. Soon after, Jake turns incredibly lumpy, and Finn and Jake have to travel to lumpy space and must get the antidote before the day ends before Jake turns into a big, giant lump.

5. Tree Trunks

Jake and Finn go to an elephants house to eat a pie, but when a fly lands on the pie, the elephant throws it in the garbage. Luckily, she had another apple pie in the oven. Tree Trunks then asks the question “What would you do if you could do anything?” The boys give stupid answers obviously, while Tree Trunks introduces them to the legend of the crystal gem apple. Later, the three of them embark on a journey through a scary forest to find the crystal gem apple. This episode has an ending that’ll keep you laughing for days.

6. Dungeon

When Finn and Jake are told to hammer safety signs to prevent anyone going down the danger hole that is soon found to be the dungeon of the crystal eye. When Finn goes down the dangerous dungeon alone as a bet to see if he can get the crystal eye in 11 minutes or less (also the running time of all these episodes). On this journey, Finn meets scary monsters, dark rooms, and an evil cat. Can Finn survive without the aid of his trusty sidekick?

7. The Pods

Jake and Finn attempt to conserve their energy for the ice cream marathon tomorrow. One of their fun-filled days, they find a gnome knight who was somehow transformed into a sun, and is close to death. The frog cannot die until he finds a human who is brave and courageous, so Finn and Jake accept the frog’s proposition to guard and protect magic beans.

8. The Limit

The two guys wish for an ancient war elephant together after Finn kisses a firefly, but they realize it’s not a firefly, B.U.T.T (Baby Us Trouble Time) is a signal sent to them. Once they go to rescue whoever called the distress signal, Finn and Jake go into a maze-like passageway that looks in vain of games such as Labyrinth and Tron. The guys find another reason to finish the maze though, and that is to make a wish.

9. Go With Me

On couples-only movie night, Jake convinces Finn to bring somebody to the movie that he has to smooch. After rejections from countless people, EVEN THE PRINCESS. Jake devises a plan to use Marceline the Vampire Queen  to get the Princess jealous with Jake. Will the plan work?

10. The Eyes

After a long seven days of staying awake, rescuing the princesses, saving fire dragons, and going to a dance in Lumpy Space. Naturally, Finn does not get any sleep, and with the curiosity of their stupidness, they imagine themselves being watched by a crazy horse. Soon after, other creepy situations involving that crazy horse.

11. The Chamber Of Frozen Blades

Jake and Finn travel to the ice village to stop the very evil Ice King from yet another hostage situation. According to the two, the Ice King is only happy because he stole the Princess… somehow… yet again. Jake and Finn go on an adventure to save that Princess from the Ice King before he harms her. Will Jake and Finn be too late?

12. To Cut A Woman’s Hair

Jake continues to tease Finn about his inability to have any compassion or desire to kiss a woman. When they are approached by a Tree-Witch, she asks the boys to get a lock of hair for herself so she can cure her baldness. Finn is comfortable with helping the witch, while Jake has some highly dangerous doubts. Next to the first episode on the disc, this is my favorite one. Very funny.



For a DVD, this looks fantastic. There is nothing lackluster about Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People‘s 480i (1.78:1) conversion. Everything looks fantastic in this magical 2D world of Adventure Time. Colors are extremely bright and colorful due to the magical paradise that is the setting of Adventure Time. Honestly, this DVD conversion is better then plenty of Blu-ray conversions I’ve seen, which is quite surprising considering that Blu-ray usually has the best possible quality! Nothing wrong here!


Stupidness has never sounded more clear. Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People‘s Dolby Digital 2.0 audio transfer is beyond amazing. Clearly the DVD gods got together, because this sound is dope, yo! Hands down the beset DVD audio conversion of all time, and that’s no exaggeration. Crisp and clear sounds serve as an ambience for my wonderful speakers, and I could not be more pleased with this audio.

Special Features  

Well, this is my first time using the infamous Blu-ray Egg, and we were doing so well. The only “special feature” on this disc is not even a video, it’s information about the characters. That does not count in my mind. I can’t fathom how disappointing this is! I expected a commentary or something… I mean, c’mon! The episodes are only 11 minutes…

Final Thoughts 

Adventure Time. C’mon, grab your friends, We’ll go to very distant Lands, with Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human. The Adventures’ll never end, it’s Adventure Time! So I kinda dug this show. It’s creepy, crazy, offbeat, and very funny. I think a lot of people will most likely be turned off by it’s adolescent humor, but I find it absolutely riotous. Aside from the lack of special features, this is a pretty great DVD.




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