Alien Anthology Hatches on Blu-ray

Frankenstein?  Dracula?  King Kong?  I think not.  If you really want to see one of the most feared movie monsters of all time, look no further than the Alien film franchise.  It was back in 1979 when director Ridley Scott launched such a scare on unsuspecting movie-goers, that the eyeless, razor-grinning, slime-drooling, tail-whipping, parasitic-youth baddies made their lasting impression on international audiences.  Additionally, the franchise rocketed the career of eventual sci-fi queen Sigourney Weaver, who became a fixture in all four Alien films. 

Now for the first time, you can own Ripley and the Aliens in the stunning beauty of high definition as the Alien Anthology arrives on Blu-ray Tuesday, October 26th.  Not only will you be able to enjoy this wicked collection of Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992) and Alien: Resurrection (1997) in 1080p, but there is a massive 65+ hours of extras to be had on this impressive collection.  Be sure to follow the Amazon link below to secure your copy today!

In the meantime, the good folks over at Fox and Think Jam have conjured up some goodies to satisfy your Alien hunger.  Simple in concept but challenging in play, you’ll find the Facehugger Survival game that tests your reaction time as the spider-like creatures launch themselves at you.  If you’re looking for a less engaging experience, an Alien Anthology desktop theme is available as well.

Your mission?  Shoot the facehugger aliens as they hatch and spring towards you.  If they get too close, your health will take a hit!

Alien Anthology desktop theme




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