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Two Epic Films from Legendary Filmmaker Ridley Scott Arrive as Collector’s Edition Blu-rays This October

Two of Ridley Scott’s best films are coming to Blu-ray in all new collector’s editions.  One is more obvious and that is Alien, Scott’s landmark sci-fi/horror feature, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary.  The other is Kingdom of Heaven, celebrating its 10th anniversary as Scott’s most underrated feature (granted the Director’s cut version is where it’s at). […]


Alien Anthology Hatches on Blu-ray

Frankenstein?  Dracula?  King Kong?  I think not.  If you really want to see one of the most feared movie monsters of all time, look no further than the Alien film franchise.  It was back in 1979 when director Ridley Scott launched such a scare on unsuspecting movie-goers, that the eyeless, razor-grinning, slime-drooling, tail-whipping, parasitic-youth baddies […]