Another Wolfcop (Blu-ray Review)

A year has passed since the dark eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) into the infamous lycanthrope crime-fighter. Although the evil that controlled Woodhaven was defeated, the community is far from returning to normal. A villainous entrepreneur (Yannick Bisson) is looking to open a new brewery and revive the local hockey team, but it’s clear he has ulterior motives. With a new mayor (Kevin Smith) and the new chief of police (Amy Matysio), WolfCop has his work cut out for him when he has to save the town all over again.



You can’t keep a good wolfman down, so the filmmakers have decided to grant us a sequel to Wolfcop entitled Another Wolfcop. It’s the continuing adventures of alcoholic lycanthrope, Lou Garou (Leo Fafard). He’s back on the force and making mincemeat out of the bad guys. Granted, the rest of the clueless force does not know that it’s actually him and he goes on a bit as some sort of legend, while keeping a low profile.

This installment calls for an evil business man, Swallows (Yannick Bisson), to seduce the local community with a new brewery and reinvigorate the hockey team, because those pesky Canadians all like to drink in excess and watch hockey non-stop! That was sarcasm. Leo has his trusty sidekick, Willie (Jonathan Cherry), one of the few moments of awesomeness in the film, and the new Chief of Police: Tina Walsh (Amy Matysio). Oh, and Kevin Smith makes a cameo as the Mayor of the local town these events are happening in.

If you’ve already noticed my dismissive tone in the previous paragraphs then my job is almost done. It’s quite frustrating when you have high hopes for a franchise to kick some ass see it fall intentionally flat due to the filmmakers just wanting to throw everything just for the sake of it. Half of the humor in the film fails to get a chuckle, some of the editing is incoherent. I get that they had a much bigger budget than the first film but a better script could have helped. It’s like this franchise was created to just throw things at the wall to see if they stick. They mostly don’t and it’s unfortunate, because I love grindhouse and schlock and this does not come close to it.

Now with that bashing out of the way, the few bright things that do shine in Another Wolfcop are Wolfcop. His design is still awesome and the special make-up effects are top notch. I loved watching him rip evildoers to shreds. His brother Willie, back somehow, has some killer one-liners that made me laugh out loud. That’s pretty much it.

I think some of the best elements that this franchise has going for it is the spot-on marketing materials. I love the Cobra homage on some of the posters, but when the best part of your franchise is the marketing and not the film itself it may be time to redefine what you’re trying to do. Slow down, write a better script, and see if you can achieve that somehow with the budget you have. I do not doubt there will be another film in the franchise, so here’s hoping it’s much better than Another Wolfcop.





Encoding: AVC/MPEG-4

Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Clarity/Detail: Contrast levels were fine for the most part – I see that one of the screencaps is a bit hazy and there are a couple of scenes like that but it’s intentional, and not inherent to the digital source. Detail levels are fine and I did not notice any instances of DNR or boosting.

Depth: The overall image did have some nice depth as it highlighted the various Canadian townships that it was filmed in.

Black Levels: Black levels did crush a bit in certain scenes but it is what it is.

Color Reproduction: The color palette was big, bold, and bright. The digital source highlighted this really well.

Flesh Tones: Flesh tones were great – Everyone looked nice and healthy.

Noise/Artifacts: Noise, debris, artifacts, etc., were kept at a bare minimum – it is a digital presentation, so no unnecessary anomalies carried over.





Audio Format(s): English DTS-HD MA 5.1

Subtitles: English SDH

Dynamics: As far as the sound levels go – I think the first film had a better mix than this lossless track. The one thing that is glaring is how the music was mixed in with everything else. The depth is really weak in that regard, which is unfortunate, because I was looking forward a nice synth-mix. Instead, the music sounds stock and plays at such low levels that I found nothing memorable about it. 

Low Frequency Extension:  The LFE-subwoofer channel handled the low-end rumble just fine. It was not over or under expectations in that regard.

Surround Sound Presentation: The surround sound levels were rather weak and only served for ambient effects — unless there was a shootout.

Dialogue Reproduction: Dialogue levels were fine. I did not detect any instances of


The side of extras on the Another Wolfcop Blu-ray release are fine – I like that they spent a nice chunk of time on the special fx work since the film is heavy on gore and creature effects. I just wish most of these featurettes were longer.

  • The Making of Another Wolfcop (HD)
  • Friends and Foes: Meet the Cast (HD)
  • The Monster Shop: Special FX (HD)
  • Shoot or Die!: Surviving on Set (HD)



Thinking back to my review of the original Wolfcop – the first one was a masterpiece. Another Wolfcop gets a bigger budget but is rather incoherent and they squander the story to just throw in as many gags as they can get away with, which is cool, but exhausting – probably because they don’t all work. The Blu-ray looks fine but I found the audio mix slightly muted. The special features great but way too short. If you have to watch Another Wolfcop then lower your expectations. It’s nowhere near as good (and that’s saying an awful lot because the first film is bad, too) as the first one.


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