Austin Comic Con 2013: It’s ‘Just Another Zombie Love Story’

book squareDays 1 and 2 of the Austin Comic Con are in the books and it was the usual fun and sensorary overload to be found on the exhibitors floor. Actors such as R.I.P.D.‘s James Hong and The Walking Dead‘s Laurie Holden were found strolling about. Fans could be found adorned in the threads of their favorite superhero or steam punk attire. And then there is the merchandise. Yes, sensory overload indeed, but amidst all the artwork and collectibles stood a writer and his book.

Writer M.A. Rogers was proudly promoting the first book in a series of three, titled ‘Just Another Zombie Love Story: Chivalry is Undead’.  I spoke with the author about his work and here is what the wordsmith had to say:

Gregg:  Tell us a little about the book!

M.A.: Just Another Zombie Love Story: Chivalry is Undead is the first in a series of novels I am writing.  This is my debut novel and basically it’s hard enough to find love under normal circumstances, and then you throw in the mayhem and gore of the zombie apocalypse and it really becomes difficult.  But Stephen and Jessica, the two main characters, seem to find a way to do it.  When Stephen was a young boy, he would talk with his friends about ‘what are we gonna do when the zombies come?’ and their first rule was ‘chivalry will get you killed, don’t worry about other people. Just take care of yourself’, but when Jessica calls Stephen in the middle of the night, that gets thrown out the window.

Gregg:  You mentioned that there’s a sequel in the works, is that coming out soon?

M.A.: That should be coming out in about a couple weeks.  It’s in the editor’s right now and as soon as that gets done, it will be on Amazon as well, for eBook and paperback.

Gregg: Is ‘Just Another Love Story’ also out on Amazon?

M.A.: Yes! $5.99 for paperback and $.99 for Kindle.

Gregg:  What about the rest of the series?

M.A.:  I’m currently writing the third book right now.

Gregg: When can we expect to see that?

M.A.: I’m shooting for next summer.  I’m planning to have the first draft done by the middle of next month.

Gregg:  Any other titles in the works after that?

M.A.:  I’ve got a short story I’m looking to release in the February/March time frame.  It’s about a demon.  I’m not just a zombie writer, I am a horror writer as well, but I figure I should release something else before I get labeled as just a zombie author.

Gregg:  Great!  You don’t want to get type-cast, right?

M.A.:  No, not at all.  I have plenty of stories in my head.

Gregg:  Looking forward to it!  Best of luck to you!

M.A.: Thank you!



If you’re interested in Rogers’ works and not in the Austin, Texas area this weekend, then head over to Amazon to get your copy of the first part of his zombie trilogy today!




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