Being Human Season 3 (Blu-ray Review)

So my fellow editor and writer Brian White put out the call asking the Why So Blu crew if they wanted to review something called Being Human Season 3. I initially thought someone else would grab it, but luckily no one did.  After I looked it up on the internet and found out what it was I knew I had to make tracks and scoop it up.  I was victorious in that department.  This left just one small problem, though.  I had not seen the first two seasons of the show, so some reconnaissance was in order.  To the Netflix queue!  I went through a mini marathon of sorts to get all caught up on Being Human and I am now well versed in the tragic world of these monsters.   Here’s our review of Being Human Season 3 on Blu-ray.  Enjoy! 


Yeah, so the first thing that comes to mind, that’s also pretty cliched, is the joke about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost walking into a bar, etc.  Since you’ve probably already heard that joke one or two seasons ago, we can skip all of the pleasantries and get on with the third series (third season) of Being Human.  I will warn you now that since this is the third season we are in I have to use spoilers in the recap portions of this article.  If you have not seen the previous two seasons then stop reading this review this instant, and buy or rent the previous seasons on Blu-ray and DVD.  You have some catching up to do.


Okay, so Annie is stuck in purgatory and Mitchell has to find a way to save her before it’s too late.  George and Nina have to figure out what to do now that Nina is pregnant.  Did I mention that she got pregnant while having sex with George while they were both in werewolf form?  Yeah, It’s that kind of party!  Mitchell has pretty much let his inner vampire loose and slaughtered several dozen people in a darkened train cart in season 2 thereby moving closer and closer to that which he wanted to leave behind; a vampire brotherhood.  Mitchell is also startled to know that he is to be killed by a werewolf.  Oh, and the lads move to Wales to start a new life.  Yes, I said Wales.


Being Human is a terrific and well acted show that after watching the first two seasons I could not wait to get to this third one on Blu-ray!  You have a show that takes horror, drama, and just plain old school, and nowadays, typical mythology and puts them into a blender.  I mean how cool is it that a vampire, werewolf, and ghost are flatmates?  That’s pretty awesome and unique.  What also makes Being Human even cooler is that it’s a pretty hilarious, racy, and scathing show all at the same time.  It’s explicit in terms of profanity and sexuality.  I was surprised, because I don’t think I’ve seen a show from the BBC quite like this. 

The chemistry by all the actors involved is great, and makes one believe that these friends actually love and care for one another.  What’s surreal is that they’re all monsters in the literal sense.  This is extremely tricky, because if you read what the premise of the show is about it illicits a doubtful response.  I know when I first heard of the American version I scoffed and said it was stupid.  Once I had my hand on this series it was all over.  I was hooked.

If you notice this review is all about how spectacular the show is; it’s all gushing from my part.  It’s got enough of a crossover touch that even the most skeptical of fans can get into the show.  I will repeat: If you have not seen the previous two seasons then you need to buy them or rent them via Netflix like I did.  I know the first season is available on Netflix on Blu-ray for rental, but for some strange reason they only have the second season available on DVD.  No it will not make much of a difference.  Continue reading my technical specification ratings to see why.




Being Human Season 3 is presented in 1080i 16X9 widescreen ratio. This ends up being about 1.78:1. I will be completely honest and say that Being Human has come a LONG way from its first season roots on the Blu-ray format.  Not shot with the biggest of budgets Being Human (early on) had some severe grain problems where certain cut away shots had what look like static grain that covered up the entire image.  It was nasty!  I did not detect that sort of thing with this season.  Colors are bold, vivid, and the best part of the whole thing in terms of presentation.  Softness and edge enhancement do creep up every once in a while as does the black crush elements.  It’s not unwatchable by any means, but these things do exist.  I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.  It’s average, but slightly above average.


Being Human Season 3 is presented in English Stereo 2.0.  This is where it gets somewhat bleak.  For a horror “dramedy” they sure skimped on the audible madness.  It’s a straight stereo presentation that is nowhere nearly as enveloping as it should be.  I watch my programming a bit on the loud side, but on Being Human I had to turn it up just bit a louder.  Dialogue is crisp, but there is not that much sense of depth with the sound field.  Music and dialogue coexist peacefully, but there is no surround depth to the track since it’s stereo.  This is a slightly below average audio presentation.

Special Features

Being Human Season 3 has a couple of special features that include interviews, deleted scenes, and a pretty funny set tour with actress Sinead Keenan (Nina).  I am a fan of the previous supplemental materials on the earlier seasons, because they explore more of the making-of aspects of the show; creature effects, etc.  There’s none of that here but interviews.

Final Thoughts 

I love Being Human!  Too bad that the Blu-ray presentation of the third season of Being Human is a bit of a downer in terms of technical and supplemental features.  Do not let that keep you from getting this series.  It’s well written, acted, and directed.  I hear that a season 4 is in the works.  That will probably happen once Mitchell (Aiden Turner) gets back from filming his scenes in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film… but you didn’t hear that from me.  😉

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