Beverly Hills Film Festival 2018 – ‘What To See’

Head’s up LA moviegoers – it’s film fest time!  That’s right cinema geeks the 18th Annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival taking place Wednesday, April 4th thru Sunday, April 8, 2018 at the famed TCL Chinese Theatre at Hollywood and Highland (go to www.beverlyhillsfilmfestival.com for more info!) is on the way and not unlike previous years there are some seemingly wondrous movie wares to be witnessed.  With over 100 competition films (WOW!) including features and shorts from around the world, red carpet premieres, networking events, panel discussions and the ever-present after parties (open bar rules!), BHFF 2018 is looking to be the best fest yet.

On the WhySoBlu.com end this year’s crop of films and their curious, quirky and double-take descriptions are definitely wetting the cinematic palate and providing excitement about possibly seeing some top-notch flicks.  (Must see everything!)  So to start things off we’re swinging right out of the gate with the traditional first article to help the film curious get into the right movie mood.  Selected below is just a pinch of notable nuggets of gold that popped out from mere fest guide descriptions and seemed for various reasons to be ones to especially seek out.  (Not that the others aren’t possibly tasty like the Shia LaBeouf trio doc #Take Me Anywhere, but you can’t highlight everything!)  A mere taste of grand things are to come, here is our first impressions on BHFF 2018 – “What To See!” 



“Hunting Lands” – Any tall tale involving a witness to a crime who takes justice into their own hands is already in a great genre wheelhouse, but make the unfortunate voyeur a recluse veteran and film fireworks feel imminent.

“Saviors” – The only thing more exciting than the controversial premise of this daring outing – a young woman embeds herself in a white power group to find her adoptive African-American mother – is the fact that it was shot in a single, continuous take.  If it fulfills both film feats this one could be the cinematic savior of the fest.

“Dominika” – A baby named Dominika is dumped off on a perspective architect named Kostia.  The premise?  Every time Kostia gets angry, the baby grows up.  Odd, off and uncanny sounding – can’t wait.

“Destination: Dewsbury” – What looks like a throwback to the old school raunchy road flicks of the past about four middle-aged men heading across the UK to visit a dying friend could prove that rude and crude humor is alive and well.



“Play Money” – Examining the idea of big business vs. the little guy in the gaming world, this relatable looking doc could shed some much-needed light on creative vs. commerce.

“The Women Who Run Hollywood” – In a current climate where the movie wares of women are finally gaining more well deserved attention (just see the last six female centric films via my own Forgotten Friday Flick!), this doc highlighting female super powers in cinema and the legacy of ladies in all aspects of film over the years feels both welcome and long overdue.

“Keepers of the Magic” – This doc that finally gives both iconic movie images and the cinematography masters who create them their due could prove to be a movie geeks wet dream. Seemingly carrying the Quentin Tarantino visual purist must see seal of approval, let there be movie projector light.



“The Lightkeeper” – The only thing more exciting than this short’s proposed mysterious dinner is that the host is acting icon Bruce Davidson.

“Blue Milk” – Blue Milk.  Milk that’s blue.  AND it’s described as a psychological mind game – suddenly thirsty.

“Eve” – The only thing more soulful than the premise of this one – a teen seeks out a man she claims to be her father – is the equally haunting poster art.  (Hopefully they give out mini versions after the screening!)

“Check-List” – A short about a man whose life has been turned upside down that fights back – here’s hoping its Falling Down for the year 2000.

“Laboratory Conditions” – With a killer cast that includes the likes of Marisa Tomei and Minnie Driver and directed by female filmmaker Jocelyn Stamat, this one could be a short film steeping stone to a feature – let’s see.

“The Amazing Ray” – Again with cool poster kudos, this short involving a local business owner becomes embroiled in a social media shaming could not be more timely – or tasty looking.

“Julianne” – Won’t lie on this one – saw that The Invisible actress Margarita Levieva was the lead and I was sold.  (Aka she kicks acting ass!)



“A Chick Flick” – A title with a double entendre as this outing involving a beloved pet chicken is also directed by female filmmaker Lucy McKendrick – could be a short to squawk about.

“The Last Silence” – Sheer disturbing description alone – a psychotic artist hides her daughter’s dead body in the garage, dresses up for her and rapes his ‘innocent’ wife after she accidentally murders her own daughter – makes this bizarre sounding short one cautious curiosity to see.


So click on over to www.beverlyhillsfilmfestival.com for the skinny on all the films this year’s fest has to offer and stay tuned here for more coverage of BHFF 2018 right here – happy movie watching!


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