Hell Yes! HELL FEST Comes To 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray January 8th!

Experience a terrifying celebration of the horror genre when Hell Fest arrives on Digital December 28 and on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital), Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand January 8 from Lionsgate. From Gale Anne Hurd, an executive producer of TV’s “The Walking Dead,” executive producer Tucker Tooley (LimitlessDen of Thieves), and directed by Gregory Plotkin (editor of Get OutHappy Death Day, and director of  Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension), Hell Fest is one truly terrifying ride. The scary slasher film stars Amy Forsyth (TV’s “The Path,” “Rise,” “Defiance”), Reign Edwards (TV’s “Snowfall,” “MacGyver,” “The Bold and the Beautiful”), Bex Taylor-Klaus (TV’s “Scream: The TV Series,” “Arrow,” The Last Witch Hunter), and the legendary Tony Todd (CandymanNight of the Living DeadThe Crow). Story by William Penick & Christopher Sey and Stephen Susco, Screenplay by Seth M. Sherwood and Blair Butler and Akela Cooper. Continue reading ‘Hell Yes! HELL FEST Comes To 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray January 8th!’

John Carpenter’s STARMAN Arrives On Scream Factory Collector’s Edition December 18th!

Visionary filmmaker John Carpenter presents a romantic science fiction odyssey starring Jeff Bridges as an innocent alien from a distant planet who learns what it means to be a man in love. On December 18, 2018, SCREAM FACTORY™ is proud to present 80’s cult film classic STARMAN Collector’s Edition Blu-ray. Directed by John Carpenter (Escape from New York, The Fog), produced by Larry J. Franco (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Independence Day: Resurgence), and written by Bruce A. Evans (Stand by Me, Mr. Brooks) and Raynold Gideon (Stand by Me, Made in Heaven), STARMAN stars Jeff Bridges (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Karen Allen (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull), Charles Martin Smith (American Graffiti), and Richard Jaeckel (Baywatch). A must-have for movie collectors and loyal fans, this definitive collector’s edition contains special bonus content including new featurette They Came from Hollywood: Re-visiting STARMAN, audio commentary, vintage featurette, and much more! Pre-order is available now at ShoutFactory.com Continue reading ‘John Carpenter’s STARMAN Arrives On Scream Factory Collector’s Edition December 18th!’

Go The Distance & Win A Free Blu-ray of MILE 22 In Our Giveaway!

Mile 22 GiveawaySo here’s the setup.  In a visceral modern thriller from Peter Berg, the director of Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg stars as James Silva, an operative of the CIA’s most highly-prized and little-known unit.  Aided by a top-secret tactical command team, Silva must transport an asset (Iko Uwais) who has vital information to an airfield for extraction before the enemy closes in.  Also starring Lauren Cohan, Rhonda Rousey, and John Malkovich, this film is “loaded with edge of your seat action” (Steve Weintraub, Collider).  Now I haven’t personally seen it, but from the trailers I want to go the distance here in Mile 22!  Now’s your chance too!  Read on below to find out how you can enter to win your very own November 13th Blu-ray of this action thriller. Continue reading ‘Go The Distance & Win A Free Blu-ray of MILE 22 In Our Giveaway!’

Meg (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Meg 4K UHD ReviewI know The Meg is based off a book, which we’ll cover in a moment, but one look at its insane trailer, crazy cast and cute name had me instantly at hello many months ago.  I didn’t even care if the movie was a turd or a shipwreck of events.  I had to go see it if for nothing else than to get my DC Batwoman err I mean Ruby Rose fix, but I digress.  I just like saying Ruby Rose for some reason.  It flows off your tongue effortlessly and it’s fun to say and count all her tattoos too.  Didn’t I say I digress a second ago?  Well this time I really do mean it.  More importantly The Meg is really just a movie about a big @$$ shark.  It was released in my favorite summer month of August.  It features something that I never see here in Austin, TX…beaches and water.  What was not to love about it already?  Am I right?  Damn right I am!
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Air Force One (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

I’m not sure what milestone hit for Wolfgang Petersen’s Air Force One to jump to Blu-ray, but I’m not going to question grabbing an awesome 1990s action movie here on the best format with both a picture and audio jump in quality. Perhaps they selected putting the Harrison Ford US President defends his plane against terrorists film on November 6th to coincide with the midterm elections that took place earlier in the week. If so, you’re one clever little pony over there, Sony. As mentioned, this new edition will feature a new Atmos mix and will carry over the Wolfgang Petersen audio commentary from the previous release (“Legacy Bonus Features” being the hot term now). I apologize for no pre-order link (Amazon’s search is more difficult than need be for it), but I’m sure if you peruse the internet well enough, you’ll be able to snag a copy.  Continue reading ‘Air Force One (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Blindspotting (Blu-ray Review)

It bummed me out that I wasn’t able to make it to Blindspotting during its wider theatrical run. It seemed like I had a lot of time to catch it, but the stars never aligned just perfectly for me. Luckily, I do review Blu-rays, so now the opportunity has arisen and I’m jumping at it. And they are rewarding me with, of all things, an ATMOS track! This film that wow’d audiences at Sundance and SXSW makes it way home with two feature commentaries and some featurettes to boot. It looks like a nice little release given the circumstances or it not being a major wide venture. Hopefully it hangs around for some awards steam and gets a pick me up. You can pick it up on your own when arrives November 20th. Pre-order using the Amazon link below.  Continue reading ‘Blindspotting (Blu-ray Review)’

‘Khartoum’ (Eureka Classics) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition – December 2018

The kind of lavish, rousing historical adventure spectacle that doesn’t seem to exist anymore, Khartoum is a majestic, star-studded, BAFTA and Oscar-nominated epic that finds director Basil Deardon ( Victim) delivering a feast for the eyes, as well as a pointed study of English colonialism, religious fanaticism, and the nature of heroism and sacrifice. In 1880s Sudan, thousands of British-led Egyptian troops are massacred by the forces of Arab fanatic Muhammad Ahmad (Sir Laurence Olivier), who believes he is the Mahdi, and nothing less than Mohammed’s chosen warrior in battling against Anglo-Egyptian rule. Legendary Major General Charles George Gordon (Charlton Heston) is sent by Prime Minister William Gladstone (Ralph Richardson) to save the city of Khartoum from the Mahdi, but given only one aide (Richard Johnson), limited support from the British government that sent him there, and a fearless opponent determined to create a new empire, Gordon sees that further bloodshed is imminent.  Continue reading ‘‘Khartoum’ (Eureka Classics) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition – December 2018′

First Blood (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

First Blood 4K ReviewWhenever I hear the name Sylvester Stallone my mind is instantly wired to think of both the fictional heroes of Rocky and Rambo.  Sure the guy has had many other great roles over his career, but in my opinion these two are absolutely iconic.  His face is the symbol of hope, motivation and obviously the hero of these two franchises.  Let’s table Rocky for a few weeks though as he’ll get enough coverage with the upcoming Creed 2 feature later this month.  Instead let’s focus all our attention on the war machine…err should I say character…of the hour, Mr. John J. Rambo.  First Blood back in good ole’ 1982 is where it all started for this iconic action hero and that’s exactly where we’re going to start down below.
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Rambo III (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

We are going to be getting a fifth and final film covering the life and times of one John Rambo, as portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. Lionsgate is taking the original three film and giving them the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray update before that happens next year. No word as of yet on the fourth film from 10 years ago, but one can assume they won’t leave that one hanging dry for long. Now that Rambo has been laid out, how about our old pal Jigsaw get his series ported over to 4K? Sorry, I’ll stay on point. This review will be covering the third film, a film that was easily the weakest of the original run and almost self-parody. BUT, still pretty darn entertaining as just some junky 1980s action picture. You can pre-order it by using the Amazon link following the review. Continue reading ‘Rambo III (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Sleepwalkers – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Stephen King is so hot right now, right? After It exploded in theaters worldwide, it would seem people are chomping at the bit for new adaptations. We’ll see if people are pumped for Pet Sematary continues to keep the fire burning next Spring. In the meantime, lets get the older films based on his works some continued love on the Blu-ray format. Last month saw Maximum Overdrive land itself a Vestron Video debut. Now, Scream Factory will be putting together one of his least popular works in that of Sleepwalkers, directed by Mick Garris who is no stranger to directing a King adaptation. While the film is what it is, the story of the film, I’m sure could be quite entertaining and that’s what works so well with these Collector’s Editions. We’ll be able to find out when it releases on Blu-ray November 6th! Continue reading ‘Sleepwalkers – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)’

The Darkest Minds (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

While Fox was supposed to have an X-Men team proper film out this year, well three (Or was it four?) of them originally, they wound up with just Deadpool making its release date. Dark Phoenix and New Mutants have been bumped multiple times and the Channing Tatum Gambit movie just seems like a fun talking point to make the news rounds every once in a while like a Crow reboot. They did have a film that sold itself on being very much like an X-Men movie, but not a part of any Marvel universe and skewing toward the young adult dystopian future novel crowd. Because, well, its based off of one. The film came out to poor critic reviews (Audiences loved it going by data sites) and an incredibly sad box office performance. You’ll be able to pick it up and check out what everyone missed when it arrives on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray October 30th.  Continue reading ‘The Darkest Minds (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

The Princess Bride – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Terminator 2, Predator, the Evil Dead films, Die Hard; some movies are just regularly given new home media releases. The Princess Bride is most certainly one of them. However, this time audiences can bring home Rob Reiner’s classic romantic adventure on a brand-new Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection. Brought out of the depths of the laserdisc era, Criterion’s updated release of this modern classic looks and sounds better than ever, with plenty of extras to go with it. It would be inconceivable to think the film wouldn’t earn such a great release anyway, but it’s always nice to see this sort of thing be delivered upon. Now would you like to learn more about this latest release? As you wish…

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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION Completes Your Leatherface On Blu-Ray Collection December 11th!

If looks could kill, he wouldn’t need a chainsaw. “Leatherface” is BACK! Scream Factory proudly presents the fourth installment of the terrifying franchise Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation makes its Blu-ray debut in North America on December 11, 2018. The film is presented here in an ultimate collector’s edition featuring both the theatrical and director’s cuts, with loads of new extras including new audio commentary and interviews with cast and crew.  Continue reading ‘TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION Completes Your Leatherface On Blu-Ray Collection December 11th!’

‘Laura’ (Masters of Cinema) Blu-ray edition – January 2019

The only question about Laura is whether it’s simply one of the greatest film noir releases ever made, or if it’s indeed the quintessential film noir. Decide for yourself. This 1944 murder mystery classic from director Otto Preminger (replacing a fired Rouben Mamoulian) has only grown in stature over the years, with its hypnotic mixture of doomed romantic obsession, dizzying intrigue, and fatalistic cynicism marking it as essential noir.  Police detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) is drawn into Manhattan high society as he investigates the death of stunning ad exec Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney), apparently shotgunned in her own apartment. The slithery suspects are numerous, led by effete, snobbish columnist Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb), and Laura’s philandering fiancé Shelby (Vincent Price), who’s also been cavorting with Laura’s wealthy aunt (Judith Anderson). McPherson begins to fall in love with Laura through a portrait in her home and the memories relayed by those who knew her…just as it becomes apparent that even the basic facts of the case might not be what they seemed.  Continue reading ‘‘Laura’ (Masters of Cinema) Blu-ray edition – January 2019′

BlacKkKlansman (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Spike Lee’s first foray into the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray format obviously comes with his latest film, BlacKkKlansman. And its a tremendous pick as he delivered one of his all-time best films this year. Its a film that tells an unbelievably true story of infiltrating and humiliating America’s most despicable hate group. While the film is sadly timely and is very prescient for our times, its also wildly entertaining, educational procedural with suspense and tasteful comedic elements. The release seems pretty light on extras, but at least its carrying a nice Dolby Atmos track to tell the story. You’ll be able to pick this one up on November 6th, giving you ample time to watch it before it (Hopefully) makes some noise with Academy nominations. Pre-order using the Amazon link below. Continue reading ‘BlacKkKlansman (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Incredibles 2 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Of all the properties produced from the goliath animation studio known as Pixar, the one with the most rampant sequel potential has always been and still is, The Incredibles. And it seems like its the one that has taken the longest to get one since they started doing them for Non-Toy Story and Cars films. And did ya think people were clamoring for a sequel to this or what? Opening to an almost $200 million and going on to gross over $1.2 billion this summer, the evidence and cries throughout the years were obviously warranted. People were hungry as hell for a sequel. And that it turned out so damn well is just the perfect storm for everyone. Its coming home where we can digest it over and over on November 6th. We’ve been given our Incredibles sequel, now will we be given an Incredibles 2? Hopefully it won’t be another 14 years to see if there is. Continue reading ‘Incredibles 2 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Get SCROOGED With Bill Murray For Its 30th Anniversary This Holiday Season

I was late to the party when it came to Richard Donner’s 1988 holiday film, Scrooged, starring Bill Murray. This modern-set fantastical take on the Charles Dickens tale has a lot going for it, including wild makeup effects and a level of classic Murray-style comedy that really works. That’s without mentioning the ending of this movie, which hits harder on an emotional level than anyone may expect, thanks to what kind of warmth Murray can bring when turning around elements of his grumpy Scrooge persona. All that is a great way of saying I’m looking forward to the upcoming 30th-anniversary release of Scrooged, which is now available on Blu-ray.


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‘Under the Tree’ [Montage Pictures] Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition – January 2019

This dark suburban satire tells the story of a man who is accused of adultery by his ex-fiancée and forced to move in with his parents. While he fights for custody of his four-year-old daughter, he is gradually sucked into a bitter dispute between his parents and their neighbours regarding an old and beautiful tree that casts a shadow on the neighbours’ deck. As the dispute intensifies – property is damaged, pets mysteriously go missing, security cameras are being installed and there is a rumour that the neighbour was seen with a chainsaw.  Continue reading ‘‘Under the Tree’ [Montage Pictures] Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition – January 2019′