The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray Review)

After three years in a row now (here, here and here) this kind of feels like an annual tradition for me.  Of course I’m talking about the Anchor Bay Entertainment Walking Dead Blu-ray releases.  I know it’s kind of self-explanatory, but I felt had to clarify in that in case you did not click on my “here” links and thought I was talking about eating watermelon at the ballpark or something stupid like that.  There’s no denying the fact that AMC’s The Walking Dead is the most watched drama in basic cable history and I’m just humbled and honored to have the chance once again to chat about another terrifying and exhilarating season now in the books, The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray.  So while the new season doesn’t kick off until October 13th, fans of the show can relive every thrilling moment from the fourth season come August 26th, but don’t fret.  For all you that can’t wait that long.  I have you covered down below.  Read on! Continue reading ‘The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray Review)’

Welcome Back To The Cartoonishly Grim World Of ‘Sin City’ (Movie Review)

sin city whysoblu thumbIn 2005 I fell in love with Sin City.  While the worst thing that film may have given since us was the directional ambitions of the graphic novel’s creator Frank Miller (see don’t see: The Spirit), it had plenty else to offer.  Director Robert Rodriguez delivered an ambitious and visually stunning adaptation of a few books from the acclaimed graphic novel series, leaving audiences clamoring for more.  It unfortunately took nine years to finally see more from this world, which finds audiences already satisfied with similarly visually striking films since and more or less content with having the one Sin City film behind them.  But now we have a sequel and while there are some issues with the results, for the most part, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is a fun ride back through the mean streets of this stylishly gritty town.

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Aubrey Plaza Stars In Hilarious Zom-Com LIFE AFTER BETH Arriving On Blu-ray Oct 21!

Life-After-BethIt’s never too late for a second chance at love in Life After Beth, arriving on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) October 21 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Just in time for Halloween, the laugh out loud “zom-rom-com” proves that relationships can always be more challenging, especially when your girlfriend is a zombie. The film features an all-star comedic cast that includes Aubrey Plaza (TV’s “Parks & Recreation”), Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Molly Shannon (Bad Teacher, TV’s “Saturday Night Live”), Cheryl Hines (HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Paul Reiser (TV’s “Mad About You”), Matthew Gray Gubler (TV’s “Criminal Minds”), and John C. Reilly (StepbrothersChicago). Released theatrically by A24, the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Continue reading ‘Aubrey Plaza Stars In Hilarious Zom-Com LIFE AFTER BETH Arriving On Blu-ray Oct 21!’

‘Love Is Strange’ And Kind Of Wonderful (Movie Review)

love is strange whysoblu movie posterI tend to enjoy seeing process be put on display in film.  A lot of times that applies to crime dramas or heist films, where you see the way things play out in a wordless manner, involving a lot of the inner workings of certain activities.  Love Is Strange, a film that is not remotely close to being a crime drama, puts process on display early on, as our two lead characters awaken and get ready for their wedding.  We watch them go through morning routines, leading up to their attempts to hail a cab. It does enough establish a sense of place, but more importantly, it allows us to watch two actors who seem incredibly comfortable in their roles.  That is how this film plays out for the most part, as we watch actors work very well together in a fairly low-key comedy/drama, and enjoy being in their company.

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Blu-ray Giveaway Opportunity for THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete Fourth Season

AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season is walking onto the Blu-ray format August 26th and my favorite press person in the fricking world has hooked us up with not one, but TWO Blu-ray copies to give away to two very lucky readers of our website.  One of those two readers could be you!  You know that right?  All you have to do is try and hope for the best.  How hard is that?  And best of all it’s absolutely FREE to enter!  Where were these kind of contests when I was growing up?  LOL.  I digress because I want to spare you the BS and just give you the facts so check out below everything you need to know about this Blu-ray release and most importantly how you can win your very own copy.  Good luck folks! Continue reading ‘Blu-ray Giveaway Opportunity for THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete Fourth Season’

Devil’s Mile (DVD Review)

Devil's-MileRoad horror movies aren’t super rare, but they don’t come incredibly often.  Normally they are the “killer is following us!” fashion.  Those like The Hitcher and Joyride.  But, I can’t seem to come up with any that deal with supernatural demons in a sort of ghost movie.  This premise did interest me a bit as it sounded sort of From Dusk Til Dawn with ghosts on the highway type thing.  Although, worry sets in when I see the director is also the guy who wrote Robocop: Prime Directives, which I attempted to watch but just couldn’t make it through.  Boredom City.  Maybe his hand would fare better as the “prime director”.

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First Look At Paul Rudd In ANT-MAN!

Ant-ManToday, Marvel gives us our first glimpse at Paul Rudd in Ant-Man.  No, not as Ant-Man (yet!), but on set shooting.  The film began shooting yesterday and Marvel’s announcement follows the picture.  Ant-Man is slated to hit multiplexes next July, kicking of Phase 3 following Avengers: Age Of Ultron.



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Only Lovers Left Alive (Blu-ray Review)

only lovers left alive whysoblu coverIt makes a lot of sense that indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch has finally made a film about vampires.  He practically is one, given his height, slender and pale appearance, white hair, and the fact that he only pops up every so often to release a film into the night for the masses to find.  The fact that he doesn’t cast a shadow is a curious quality as well, but regardless, Only Lovers Left Alive is a rather brilliant film from a man with such a distinct style, which is why it still sits as one of my favorites of the year.  Sure, this film does feature vampires, but that aspect is only used to add layers to the characters and forward the plot, which there is not much of.  True to Jarmusch’s style, the film is very minimal in traditional storytelling, but surreal in its presentation, and incredibly deft in the way it handles its two lead characters in this very unconventional love story.  The moody nature of the flm also lends itself to Blu-ray, so let’s dive into it.

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Fading Gigolo (Blu-ray Review)

fading gigolo whysoblu thumbIt can be interesting to watch veteran actors continue to try their hand at directing.  Fading Gigolo is John Turturro’s fifth effort as a director and while he builds a very non-flashy film out of a fairly silly premise, it is not without merits.  While the film owes a lot to one of its main stars, there is something here that Turturro manages to bring out quite well.  It has to do with the emotional state of some of these characters, but it is hard to put that thing into words.  Regardless, while Fading Gigolo ends up being fairly forgettable, the film had a few entertaining aspects that at least made it worthwhile for the time spent watching it.  Now the film is on Blu-ray for many others to check out for themselves.

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Don’t Miss a Moment Of TV’s Most Celebrated Show When Mad Men: The Final Season – Part 1 Arrives On Blu-ray This October

unnamedThe beginning of the end for television’s most celebrated show, Mad Men: The Final Season – Part 1 will arrive on Blu-ray™(plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital) and Digital HD on October 21 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. From creator Matthew Weiner (HBO’s “The Sopranos”), the critically acclaimed show features a top-notch cast that includes Golden Globe® winner and Primetime Emmy® nominee Jon Hamm (Friends with Kids), Primetime Emmy® nominee Elisabeth Moss (TV’s “Top of the Lake”), Primetime Emmy®nominee Christina Hendricks (Ginger & Rosa), Primetime Emmy® nominee January Jones (X-Men: First Class), John Slattery (The Adjustment Bureau) and Primetime Emmy®nominee Robert Morse (TV’s “City of Angels”). As TV’s most talked-about drama, MAD MEN has been recognized for its intelligent storylines and stellar acting, winning three consecutive Golden Globe® awards for Best Television Series – Drama and four consecutive Primetime Emmy® awards for Outstanding Drama Series.  Continue on to learn more about this upcoming Blu-ray release.

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Prepare To Be Captivated & Mesmerized When HOUDINI Arrives On Blu-ray Oct 7!

HoudiniFollowing HISTORY®’s broadcast airing of the larger-than-life miniseries event on September 1st and 2nd, Houdini will be available on Digital HD the following day on September 3rd. Then, unveil even more of the secrets behind the greatest magician of all time in the extended version of Houdini on two-disc Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and two-disc DVD (plus Digital) October 7 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Boasting an all-star cast including Academy Award® winner Adrien Brody (Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Pianist, 2002) as The Great Harry Houdini, Kristen Connolly (Netflix’s “House of Cards”) and Evan Jones (Gangster Squad), the scripted four-hour event chronicles Houdini’s extraordinary life as he finds fame while defying death with his incredible stunts and illusions.   Continue reading ‘Prepare To Be Captivated & Mesmerized When HOUDINI Arrives On Blu-ray Oct 7!’

The Trip To Italy And The Laughs That Come With It (Movie Review)

the trip to italy whysoblu thumbA long time ago Bing Crosby and Bob Hope had a successful series of comedy films, such as Road to Morroco, where they would travel somewhere and basically have fun with each other in various locals.  After finding a lot to enjoy in The Trip and now having seen The Trip to Italy, if Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon want to continue making films where they play exaggerated versions of themselves, while traveling to different countries to eat amazing looking dishes, humorously argue with each other, and do hilarious impressions, then I would be all for it.  The Trip to Italy not only continues to give these two the opportunity to have a lot of fun together, it also plays even better than the first entry, with plenty of laughs to be had during this European vacation.

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Anchor Bay Takes The Elevator To Terror With ‘Free Fall’ on Blu-ay!

Free Fall TNI have to admit.  After falling in love with the remake of I Spit on Your Grave a few years back I have subsequently fallen for Sarah Butler as a direct byproduct too.  So while this movie can either go one of two ways, suck or be decent, I’m willing to gamble a couple hours of my life on it.  How about you?  Come on horror fans!  It has Sarah Butler AND Malcolm McDowell in it!  That’s like a two for one deal!  So here’s the basics.  They both star in Free Fall and the elevator terror flick will be unleashed on Blu-ray October 28th!  Check out the full press release below from Anchor Bay. Continue reading ‘Anchor Bay Takes The Elevator To Terror With ‘Free Fall’ on Blu-ay!’

Rampage: Capital Punishment (DVD Review)

Rampage-Capital-PunishmentHe’s been called the German Ed Wood.  He’s began his directorial career with makes video game adaptation after video game adaptation.  There’s urban legends that he keeps getting money to make movies because he has some stash of Nazi gold hidden somewhere.  But, in 2009, something of an anomaly happened.  Uwe Boll made a rather decent film.  That film was Rampage; the story of a young man sent over the edge with rage that he goes on a killing spree in his hometown.  It was actually well received and found a fanbase NOT out of irony.  Uwe and star Brendan Fletcher return to the character of Bill Williamson in Rampage: Capital Punishment in what they hope is the second installment of a trilogy. Continue reading ‘Rampage: Capital Punishment (DVD Review)’

Jersey Shore Massacre (Blu-ray Review)

Jersey Shore Massacre -Where do I begin here?  Something like this is gonna go one of two ways.  There’s a 98% chance something like Jersey Shore Massacre is going to be a complete piece of dung.  In fact, that’s almost the obvious judgement to come from just hearing the title.  Then you have that 2% off-chance that it could be a pleasurable piece of garbage or at least be exploitative enough to not be a complete waste of time going through it.  It’s with this two-sided coin that I decided to roll the dice with this film.  Which, so happens to be the follow up to a film (not yet on Blu-ray…don’t worry…coming soon though!) called Girls Gone Dead. Continue reading ‘Jersey Shore Massacre (Blu-ray Review)’

There’s An Offbeat Comedy In The Head Of ‘Frank’ (Movie Review)

Frank thumbA film like Frank is not for everyone, but who cares?  I had a lot of fun with this offbeat comedy that keeps the head of its main character inside a large papier-mâché head.  The film is a comedy, a road movie of sorts, and a look at experimental/indie music culture.  It is also very funny, well-acted, and a little bittersweet, given what we learn of Frank, the man behind the head.  Given that Michael Fassbender can work for me in just about anything, I was not surprised to be so taken by this film, but it is still one I want to see be given a chance, because having a little (or a lot) of weird can be a very good thing.

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More Fun From Guardians of the Galaxy: I Am Dancing Groot

guardians whysoblu 16Happy Friday!  A good majority of folks have been loving Guardians of the Galaxy, including myself (Review HERE) and Brian White (Review HERE).  To celebrate nothing but the happiness that should come during any day, why not check out a fun clip from the film, featuring a dancing Groot.  No other real news beyond this message: If you haven’t seen ‘Guardians’ yet, go for it! Continue on to watch the clip!



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Time To Dance With The Joker In The Pale Moonlight: ‘Batman 25th Anniversary’ Two-Disc Edition

batman blu3I am a bit surprised we didn’t hear about this earlier, but hey, Batman is coming back to Blu-ray on November 11th.  Tim Burton’s 1989 Superhero film that changed the way for many blockbusters to come is about to receive an all new Blu-ray celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  Complete with new Diamond Luxe Packaging and more importantly, a brand new documentary as a special feature, which goes over the film’s monumental success as a starting point for the modern blockbuster, this looks to be a great disc to add to the collection of fans everywhere.  Read on to learn more about this upcoming release.

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