Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Blu-ray Review)

Alexander-And-TheAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Now Alexander throughout the rest of this review) was a popular book published back in 1972 by Judith Viorst.  I remember that book being a popular book to read even during my youthful years.  Even though, I’m not sure whether I read it or not.  I at least remember that title pretty well.  Once a project over at 20th Century Fox, the film moved to Disney and was released this past October.  In a market hungry for a live action family comedy film, the film prospered to the tune of a great opening weekend and overall awesome box office performance.  This genre seemed somewhat of a thing of the past, not so much popping up with any frequency anymore (Maybe it hasn’t gone away, but I don’t feel I’ve seen anything with prominence, success or marketing like this one).  With the majority positive reviews and a successful box office take, this might mean we see a small resurgence in this kind of film as an option at the multiplex. Continue reading ‘Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Blu-ray Review)’

Animal (Blu-ray Review)

AnimalScream Factory’s newest original film is a modern dangerous woods creature feature.  Its another film that comes from Chiller TV (As they’ve had plenty of their original films go to Scream Factory for physical media release).  This however first debuted on VOD before making its way to Chiller TV.  The name that first caught my eye when I learned of it was Joey Lauren Adams being in the film and being over the title.  While she’s not just some glorified cameo in the movie, she is kinda wasted.  When I watched the film, another name I recognized was that of Drew Barrymore.  No, she’s not in it, but she was the producer for it.  If you missed the film when it ran on Chiller TV or Video OnDemand, Scream Factory is giving you a chance to just straight up own it with this Blu-ray edition of Animal. Continue reading ‘Animal (Blu-ray Review)’

Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray Review)

Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray Review)Game of Thrones Blu-ray reviews are very intimidating to write about.  Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of ground to cover here.  Do you take the high road and skim over everything without spoilers in fear or ruining it for anyone reading that has not seen the fourth season yet, or do you grow a pair with the assumption that your parents are the only ones on planet Earth who have yet to experience the epic awesomeness of Game of Thrones and everyone else just wants to find out all they can about this February 17th HBO Blu-ray release?  I’m going to err for the latter as I boldly set out to accomplish two things here within this Blu-ray review, recapping what Season 4 is all about and more importantly, candidly capturing everything about this MUST-OWN Blu-ray set.
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LONG WEEKEND Coming To Blu-ray In April From Synapse Films

Long-WeekendUpon its 2005 DVD release, the Australian thriller LONG WEEKEND quickly became one of the most highly-regarded films in the Synapse Films library, later to be prominently featured in Mark Hartley’s acclaimed documentary NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD and remade by director Jamie Blanks (URBAN LEGEND) in 2008. Fans have long requested a Blu-ray upgrade for this unrelenting Aussie classic, now making its high-def debut on a stunning new Synapse Blu-ray!


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Love At First Bite / Once Bitten – Double Feature (Blu-ray Review)

Once-Bitten-THUMBJust in time for Valentine’s Day, Scream Factory is stocking up on the most romantic of classic movie monsters, the vampire.  They’re releasing three of them that week.  We’ve already talked about Vampire’s Kiss, but the other two are comedies as well.  This Double Feature includes the George Hamilton 1979 romp Love At First Bite and the early Jim Carrey teen sex comedy Once Bitten.  That’s an easy common thread to find them as a double feature in a pack.  But I also find it funny that they both have a play on the number one and the word “bite” in their titles as well.  Intentional?  I’m hoping that’s the case.  Pretty clever.  These are two comedies that cover both classic era vampires (Dracula) and ones in the modern world more akin to that of a Fright Night type (Once Bitten actually released the same year as Fright Night).  Both feature some bloody good laughs. Continue reading ‘Love At First Bite / Once Bitten – Double Feature (Blu-ray Review)’

Open Windows (Blu-ray Review)

Open Windows When Nick (Elijah Wood) discovers that he’s won a dinner date with his favorite star Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), he’s incredibly excited to finally get the chance to meet her. That excitement deflates when Jill refuses to honor the contest and all of Nick’s hopes are dashed. He’s intrigued when Chord (Neil Maskell), a man claiming to be Jill’s campaign manager, offers him something he can’t quite refuse: Chord will give Nick the ability to constantly view Jill via computer. Nick is initially reluctant but is finally persuaded, unaware that this decision will put both himself and Jill at risk. Continue reading ‘Open Windows (Blu-ray Review)’

101 Dalmatians – Diamond Edition (Blu-ray Review)

101-DalmationsOne of Walt Disney’s most popular animated films of all time, 101 Dalmatians is finally making its way to Blu-ray.  The film is one that saved the animation studio, changed the way they did things and gave them a future.  It also gave them one of their most classic villains of all time, the haunting, skreechy, evil Cruella De Ville.  She also has her own theme song that’ll creep up into your conscious too.  The film took in some huge box off and was a massive success.  The film has seen itself reissued four times (1969, 1979, 1985, 1991).  It also spawned a broadway musical and a feature film that many remember had Glenn Close playing Cruella De Ville.  Disney is bringing the original film to us once again, in this VERY loaded Diamond Edition Blu-ray . Continue reading ‘101 Dalmatians – Diamond Edition (Blu-ray Review)’

The Book Of Life (Blu-ray Review)

The Book of LifeThe Nightmare Before Christmas has become a widely loved kids film, when it comes to celebrating Halloween.  If things go the way they should, The Book of Life is in a nice position to become the film that represents Dia de los Muertos for kids, let alone brings it further into mainstream prominence.  Director Jorge Guiterrez and his team, including producer Guillermo del Toro, have created a stylish, animated, adventure-romance, which is full of life.  It is a bit odd to point that last part out, given that the film celebrates the Day of the Dead, but then again, there is a lot of odd charm in this film that may be overstuffed with ideas, but is so lighthearted and fun, it is easy to look over some minor flaws, when it comes down to supporting a nice little animated film such as this.  It also looks and sounds great on Blu-ray.

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Critically Acclaimed THE BABADOOK Makes Its Blu-ray Debut April 14th, 2015 From Scream Factory

BabadookWell, I get to deliver what is probably going to be the best and most exciting Blu-ray news going into the  weekend (Unless of course the unaltered Star Wars original trilogy or True Lies is announced).  The Babadook, 2014’s best horror film (And one of the best of this current decade) is coming to Blu-ray!  That’s not all, its being headed up for release by none other than everyone’s favorite, Scream Factory!  Oh, and they are also giving it a limited run special edition with pop up casing to boot.  So, we know this gem is in real good hands when it comes to video.  The Babadook also instantly becomes the best modern horror film to be released for the label (Just nudging past The Battery in my book).  Read on below to find full details of this exciting release as well as a pre-order button (Because you should). Continue reading ‘Critically Acclaimed THE BABADOOK Makes Its Blu-ray Debut April 14th, 2015 From Scream Factory’

Maison Close: Season One (Blu-ray Review)

Maison-Close-Season-OneLast August, longtime New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley penned a feature entitled “The Elusive Pleasures of French TV Series”.   In the feature, she highlighted MAISON CLOSE as one of several Gallic series to seek out.  However, she also noted “There is exotic and beguiling television all across the world, far away by plane but near enough by satellite, cable or Web to be tantalizingly just out of reach.”  The acclaimed first season of MAISON CLOSE will no longer be “tantalizingly just out of reach”, as Music Box Films delivers the acclaimed Foreign TV import to North American shores on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.   Period dramas on TV have always entranced viewers and ruled the Nielsen’s: PBS’ “Downton Abbey,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire,” AMC’s “Masters of Sex,” “Turn,” and “Hell on Wheels” and BBC’s “Ripper” and “Mr. Selfridge”.  Add to that the allure of the world’s oldest profession seen in an entirely new light and the success of recent French programming such as last year’s Sundance Channel smash, “Les Revenants” (a/k/a “The Returned”, and also distributed by Music Box), and there’s never been a better time for home audiences to dive in to a new viewing experience. Continue reading ‘Maison Close: Season One (Blu-ray Review)’

Poker Night (Blu-ray Review)

Poker-NightPoker Night, a movie that doesn’t really have much to do with the game of poker itself.  So, if for some reason the box art isn’t telling you already of that fact, then let this be that sort of disclaimer for you.  The film is a crime thriller from Greg Francis, a man who looks to have an extensive background in those crime and FBI and shows you see on cable channels all time time (Francis had nothing to do with this show, but I personally find myself getting glued to Forensic Files on HLN before bedtime).  Poker Night debuted on Video On Demand back in early December and enjoyed a short limited theatrical release just before Christmas.  It comes to Blu-ray courtesy of XLrator Media under their Macabre label.  These are the same folks who brought us Jersey Shore Massacre, but to anyone hesitant to pick up another one of their titles because of that film, this is a much improved pick up both in terms of film competency and Blu-ray authoring and technical aspects. Continue reading ‘Poker Night (Blu-ray Review)’

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (Blu-ray Review)

the disappearance of eleanor rigbyReviewing The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby on Blu-ray makes for a somewhat difficult situation, because there are two versions of this film (thankfully both available on this release).  The first has something of a subtitle known as “Them”.  This version takes the story of a married couple that separates and follows both of their lives separately, from their perspectives.  The other version, the original work-in-progress version, is actually two films (“Him” and “Her”), which allows us to see two complete films about the two main characters separately, with sporadic interactions with each other.  “Them” exists as a combination that loses about 70 minutes of “Him/Her”.  Having not seen either version before this release, I was at a loss of how to approach the film, but I have now did what I could, so be prepared for the results, as well as a look at how this Blu-ray release plays.

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‘Wild Card’ Is A Bust (Movie Review)

wild card whysoblu poster4Jason Statham has plenty of talent.  Best known as an English tough guy, Statham may not have what some want to call range, but he does know how to direct his energy and inherent charisma into different shades of somewhat similar performances (the dichotomy between The Transporter and Crank is a perfect example).  It is promising to learn that Statham took on Wild Card as a personal project, in which he could utilize the skills that he has, putting them into a character drama, which happens to have some action.  Unfortunately, too much of this film is dull and plodding, with some questionable performances, and a lack of cohesion, given what the film eventually amounts too.

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terminator vista-superbowl-online-art-1I already said what I had to say about the full trailer for Terminator Sega Genisys, but with the superbowl coming, audiences now get a shortened look at what the latest Skynet-related time travel adventure has to offer.  Continue on to see the new teaser set to air during the Superbowl, along with a new poster for the film.





Shout! Factory Acquires Slamdance Feature BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS For Cross-Platform Distribution

Bloodsucking Bastards THUMBShout! Factory, a leading multi- platform entertainment company, has acquired the North American rights to BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, a vampire comedy-horror feature directed by Brian James O’Connell and penned by the comedy troupe Dr. God from an original script by Ryan Mitts. The announcement was made today by Shout! Factory’s founder Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos, and the producers of the film.  In this picture deal, Shout! Factory secured exclusive North American rights to BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, including theatrical, home entertainment, digital distribution and broadcast for cross-platform releases in the U.S. and Canada.

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Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits – Double Feature (Blu-ray Review)

Vampire's Kiss THUMBBefore the new year hit, Scream Factory said that 2015 was going to see an increase in the Double Feature titles compared to years prior.  As a fan of their Double Feature titles (And a lot of Shout! Factory’s 4-Movie Marathon series), I got pretty excited.  And they really weren’t stretching the truth, as they’ve so far announced eight Double Feature Blu-ray releases for 2015 (Including the Blacula movies and the first two Ghoulies films).  They’ll be kicking off this run on February 10 with two of them, majority Vampire-comedy centric.  Today, we’re looking at one of those that includes Nicholas Cage’s debut on Scream Factory title (Vampire’s Kiss) as well as another acting legend Peter O’Toole (High Spirits).  So sit back, and lets take a look, shall we? Continue reading ‘Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits – Double Feature (Blu-ray Review)’

Face Your Fears With Two New Clips From FEAR CLINIC, Starring Robert Englund

Fear-ClinicBelow are links to two new clips from Anchor Bay’s upcoming release of FEAR CLINIC, starring Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, Fiona Dourif, and Thomas Dekker and features the acting debut of Stone Sour and Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor.




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Welcome To ‘Project Almanac’ (Movie Review)

project almanac whysoblu thumbProject Almanac feels like the result of producer Michael Bay taking the film Primer and throwing it into a room where the MTV Films scientists could poke, prod, analyze, disassemble, and reassemble it into a time travel film that could appeal to teenagers of today.  That is not inherently a bad thing, but it also does not mean this film will have much lasting appeal for the future, compared to other time travel films or other films that also utilize the ‘found footage’ format to better effect.  So with that in mind, despite some clever ideas and an energetic sense of momentum, Project Almanac is only so much fun, if you don’t think too hard about it, but innocent enough to work for what it is, with the target audience likely willing to have enough to enjoy.

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