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‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ Take You To The Theater Immediately (Movie Review)

It is amazing how things work sometimes. How To Train Your Dragon gets credit for being a sleeper success, as many were not thrilled by the marketing, but it ended up making big bucks and spawning a whole franchise (sequels, TV shows, etc.). I was actually quite intrigued by the trailers for the first film […]


Fly High And Soar Through The Heavens With ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ (Movie Review)

While I tend to be a very impatient fellow who’s always wanting something else as fast as it can be handed to me, there are some things worth the wait.  There are such things as the perfect film.  Lightning can surely strike the same place twice.  And for those reasons and so many more, that’s […]


LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Q&A

Hero Complex is essentially a genre media-themed offshoot of the Los Angeles Times newspaper and they have been holding a film festival in Hollywood for the past few years. While the films screened are always classics from the past, this year featured a screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2. I will post a […]


WonderCon 2014: 20th Century Fox Presentation Part 1: How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

20th Century Fox had the biggest block of time to work with on Saturday at WonderCon and they used it to deliver presentations for four of their upcoming, big budget movies, with one surprise look at another film as well.  Because of the expansive line-up of films presented, I figured it would be best to […]