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Foxy Brown (Blu-ray Review)

Pam Grier teams up once again with Coffy director Jack Hill in this blaxploitation follow-up that was filmed in an astounding 17 days.  Foxy Brown co-stars Antonio Fargas (Conrack, Car Wash), Peter Brown (Teenage Tease, Merrill’s Marauder’s), Terry Carter (Brother On The Run), Sid Haig (Coffy, The Devil’s Rejects, Jackie Brown) and is directed by Jack Hill […]


Coffy (Blu-ray Review)

Pam Grier became a staple of early 1970s blaxploitation films by playing bold, assertive women, starting with Jack Hill’s Coffy. Her character was advertised in the original trailer as the “baddest one-chick hit-squad that ever hit town!” Grier’s role was noted as being the first African-American female to headline an action film.  As many of you may […]