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‘House of Bamboo’ on Blu-ray December 7, 2020!

“What about Japan? ” asked Zanuck. “Would you like to shoot a picture there? ” “Holy mackerel, Darryl, now you re talking! ” When offered the opportunity to film an entire movie in Japan, (Fox would be the first major American studio to do so) Samuel Fuller jumped at the opportunity and the result is […]


Slaughter (Blu-ray Review)

This Jim Brown blaxploitation vehicle directed by Jack Starrett (Cleopatra Jones) is the tale of an ex-Vietnam, ex-Green Beret captain known to his friends and enemies alike by one name …Slaughter.  Gunplay, fist fights and all-out action lies around every corner in Slaughter, co-starring Cameron Mitchell (The Klansman) and Don Gordon (The Mack) and written […]


The Last Gun/4 Dollars of Revenge: Spaghetti Western Double Feature (Blu-ray Review)

In our continuing series of specialized double feature reviews we will now bring you a spaghetti western double feature entitled The Last Gun and 4 Dollars of Revenge. A note about the formatting for this review.  Since we’re not going to write up a separate review for each film, just consider it a 2 in […]