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Irwin Allen: Master Of Disaster Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Shout! Factory has collected many of the film and television works of the king of the disaster film, Irwin Allen, for a 7-disc box set. A load of mini-series, tv movies and feature films are hitting Blu-ray for the first time in this Irwin Allen: Master Of Disaster Collection box set. See notable stars like […]


The Karate Kid – 35th Anniversary Edition (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

The Karate Kid is one of those films that was almost always a big part of my movie watching as a kid.  I was drawn to the underdog story of Daniel Larusso, who with a great deal of spunk and determination proved himself to be a teenage hero for some.  I was so excited to […]


Full Moon High (Blu-ray Review)

The early 1980s wasn’t just high time for the horror genre with just slasher films. Though those took a lot of the spotlight, the werewolf film was proving a pretty lucrative and prosperous business as well. An American Werewolf In London and The Howling were the bigger names of them, but there were many others […]


The Karate Kid Kicks Twice on Blu-ray

If there ever is a film that I have high hopes for on the Blu-ray format, then it would be Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi.  But if I had a 10th choice, then I would probably say the monumental The Karate Kid.  OK.  Why not Part II as well?  Didn’t every one my age start taking […]