Beyond Outrage (Blu-ray Review)

Beyond Outrage - www.whysoblu.comA manipulative police crackdown on organized crime has ignited a tricky power struggle in the yakuza underworld. As the police force prepares a full-scale crackdown, anti-gang detective Kataoka wants to start a war between crime families for their mutual destruction. His war incendiary device is the rumored dead boss Otomo (Kitano) who seeks to retire from a life of crime, but can’t help but get drawn back into the battle. 


Beyond Outrage - www.whysoblu.com


Here we are once again back for more Outrage with the sequel to that 2010 film called Outrage written, produced, directed, and starring “Beat Takeshi” aka Kitano Takeshi aka Takeshi Kitano. He is a “jack of all trades” and the master of all. Beyond Outrage follows the events of the first film where only few Yakuza remain. Otomo (Takeshi Kitano) is locked up but is soon met with interest by Detective Kataoka (Fumiyo Kohinata) who is playing all sides as part of a crackdown on organized crime. Some, of course, will meet this, with resistance.

As Kataoka slithers his way through the police station, prison system, and gangster hideouts, one can see how manipulative and convincing he can be. He’s got everyone working against each other with the promise of freedom and leniency if they cooperate. All the while he has this snake oil salesman look on his face. He really knows how to play the system but not everyone will take kindly to what he’s doing – most of all Otomo.

Beyond Outrage is the second installment in Takeshi Kitano’s gangster franchise – with the first film being released back in 2010. Beyond Outrage is a bit late in arriving due to the Japanese earthquake a couple of years ago, which threw a monkey wrench into the start of filming. Beyond Outrage is more of a reflective and tactical picture as opposed to he freight train of the first film mainly due to Kataoka having the rival families duel it out for power while trying to manipulate Otomo behind bars. Kataoka figures Otomo’s reach can only go so far since most think he’s dead anyway. Those that believe he’s still alive also want him dead, so Otomo is almost like the Switzerland part of the equation: neutral.

Takeshi Kitano is a marvel to watch due to his cold stare and static facial features (he was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident that caused permanent paralysis in parts of his face a few years ago) but I would say that Fumiyo Kohinata steals the show as the conniving Detective Kataoka. It’s a grand performance as he fearlessly navigates through the Yakuza underworld. Beyond Outrage is a valid entry into series but may let the hardcore fan base down, because there are only scenes of violence in spurts as opposed to the first one that had them all over the place including the famous close-up at the dentist’s office. Beyond Outrage has one scene like that but the act is somewhat hidden by the framing that it might as well have been done off-screen.

I do look forward to a potential third chapter, because this series is fascinating and thrilling all at the same time. Beat Takeshi can’t be beat when it comes to gangster films. Oh, and on a side note editorial rant, please release Brother on Blu-ray! End of rant. 😉


Beyond Outrage - www.whysoblu.com


Encoding: AVC MPEG-4

Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

Clarity/Detail: Shot in Japan the scenery and vistas really lend themselves to the high definition format – some scenes were also shot down by the coast and you can see the ocean in the backdrop while a giant crane is hoisting a car in the foreground.

Depth: Personally, I think that Beyond Outrage looks like a pastel painting. Daytime shots look very inviting then they cool off during those nighttime ones and you can just feel the chill in the air. It’s got a sort of duality going for it in terms of visual aesthetic.

Black Levels: Black levels are deep and without crush. The film has several scenes that take place at night and the transfer handled all of those scenes nicely.

Color Reproduction: As I mentioned before – daytime scenes look warm and inviting and the color palette never bands or pixelates.

Flesh Tones: Flesh tones look natural and never sickly. Of course that all changes when someone gets killed or gets sick. 😉

Noise/Artifacts: This high definition images was free of any anomalies.


Beyond Outrage - www.whysoblu.com


Audio Format(s): Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: English, Spanish, English SDH

Dynamics: Beyond Outrage is a drama for the most part and it contains many dialogue driven scenes with the occasional scene of brutal violence thrown into the mix. The lossless surround sound track handled it all with tact and ease.

Low Frequency Resolution: The majority of the guns used in Beyond Outrage are your typical 9mm and .45 pistols but boy to they pack a wallop and the LFE kicks in to high gear during the gunfights and executions. It’s a job well done.

Surround Sound Presentation: The film’s surround sound field is more of an ambient one and I only noticed hints of seagulls, music, etc., during those daytime scenes. Things get a bit chaotic here and there and you can hear chatter, screaming, voices in the back everyone in a while.

Dialogue Reproduction: Dialogue is as sharp as a katana blade. No complaints here.



Just one extra is featured on this Blu-ray and it is something of a doozy. We get a documentary on he making of the film that includes candid conversations with the cast and crew. It’s quite cool and at times funny due to everyone having a great time. I loved the efficiency and speed that certain scenes were shot in. The scenes were very Robert Rodriguez-esque.

  • Making of: Outrage “Further” Beyond (SD, 62 minutes)


Beyond Outrage - www.whysoblu.com


No, Beyond Outrage does not move as fast as Outrage did. Beyond Outrage wraps up (or does it) the events that happened in the first film while taking its time in revealing what it wants to reveal. Great performances are present throughout and Kitano’s performance and direction is spot on. The Blu-ray looks and sounds fantastic and the documentary is the cherry on top although I do wish there were more supplements, but we can’t always get what we want. Go get Beyond Outrage on Blu-ray now! Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, go get the first Outrage film, too!





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Beyond Outrage - www.whysoblu.com


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