Queen Amidala Goes All “Red Shoes” in Her Role in ‘Black Swan’

Director Darren Aronofsky does not direct by-the-numbers, easy-to-watch, run-of-the-mill movies…  Black Swan is no exception to the Aronofsky rule, pulling out a gut-wrenching performance from sweet little Natalie Portman…  She stars in this psychological thriller about preparing for a ballet performance in Swan Lake…  Vincent Cassel (and is there a better actor to portray slimy, self-sufficiency than Cassel?) plays the dictatorial director, who pulls and pushes Portman to her last fiber of sanity, so she will be “perfect” for the performance. Mila Kunis has a nice role as her competition, and Barbara Hershey as the overprotective, yet pushy mother is fun to watch.  Many close-ups and moving camera shots (sometimes distracting) bring the workouts and performances to life, and Aronofsky certainly pushes his actors to their limits…  This will not be for everyone, but it’s worth a look, if nothing more than to see an actress expand her boundaries beyond the comfort zone.


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  1. Brian White

    Ha ha…make sure you stay after the credits for the video review above!

    I want to see this!

    BTW…loving Portman’s beautiful face on that poster shot above too.

    Did I mention…I WANT TO SEE THIS!