Blackest Night: Superman

Blackest Night: SupermanThis past summer, dusk arrived a little early in the DC Comics universe.  The Blackest Night storyline finally made its debut and it did not disappoint.  More than your typical sub-plot for existing storylines, Blackest Night is an 8-part series (issues 1 & 2 are already out) with two other mini-series taking place at the same time; Blackest Night: Batman and Blackest Night: Superman; both being 3-issue series.

After delving into the recently released Blackest Night: Superman, I can honestly say that the mounting tension is absolutely brilliant and the story is just devilish, courtesy of writer James Robinson.  With the Superman of Earth-2 being reincarnated courtesy of the Black Lantern, Smallville is about to be turned into a battleground for Superman, Conner, the zombie-like Superman of Earth-2 and a certain someone, also brought back to life, courtesy of the deathly black ring. 

Unlike the other ring-bearers of the Green Lantern universe, only the Black Lanterns can see the full spectrum of emotions; yellow = fear, green = will, red = rage, and so on.  This added bit of insight is an advantage that readers get to experience first-hand from the artwork and coloring team of Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose, Julio Ferreira and Rod Reis.  One can only wait with baited breath for the next issue as we head into autumn with an absolute barrage of gut-wrenching, heart-stopping stories of the Blackest Night.  Will Earth-2 Superman gain the upper hand?  Will he continue to toy with Conner and use him as bait for the real Superman?  The future remains to be seen! 


Blackest Night: Superman


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