Why So Blu Crew Recaps Comic-Con with Out Now with Aaron and Abe Podcast

I don’t often post episodes of Out Now with Aaron and Abe, the podcast I co-host weekly, but this was a special event. Given that a few members of the Why So Blu crew were at Comic-Con this year, it seemed right to record an episode where we could gather everyone’s thoughts about this year’s convention. So I was joined by Brian White, Jordan Grout, and Bron Anderson, along with my lovely girlfriend, Ana Bosch, as we dove into a discussion concerning the various panels, footage and more seen in sunny San Diego this year. In this episode, you’ll find us all talking about Marvel, Warner Brothers, Ready Player One, Stranger Things, Kingsman, The Walking Dead, Westworld, Gifted, Laika and so much more. Despite recording late at night, after a long day, we all had a lot of fun going over our experiences, despite being tired. So please listen in and enjoy.

Note: Due to some microphone/recording issues, the audio has a bit of an odd rhythm, but we tried as hard as possible to make it as clean as we could for your listening pleasure.

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