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Kingsman Royale (Movie Review)

2015’s Kingsman: The Secret Service was a sleeper hit that reveled in being a Roger Moore-era Bond flick wrapped in modern sensibilities and kinetic, R-rated violence. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is less successful because it feels more like an attempt to hold onto what emotional strengths worked the first time around. Perhaps if this movie […]


Why So Blu Crew Recaps Comic-Con with Out Now with Aaron and Abe Podcast

I don’t often post episodes of Out Now with Aaron and Abe, the podcast I co-host weekly, but this was a special event. Given that a few members of the Why So Blu crew were at Comic-Con this year, it seemed right to record an episode where we could gather everyone’s thoughts about this year’s […]


SDCC 2017: Kingsman The Golden Circle

An Archer-Kingsman crossover was something that never really crossed my mind, but it makes perfect sense, especially after seeing it in action. The opening clip began with Eggsy running on rooftops and leaping from building to building, only it was in animated form. Very similar to the style of Archer. Eggsy finally arrives at Kingsman, but […]