Brian Drag Races Rob Zombie in Detroit (11/27/09)

Rob Zombie - Meet and Greet - The Fillmore, Detroit 11/27/09Well shucks, it’s not everyday you get to meet, hang, party and talk with one of your life long idols.  I am talking about someone who symbolizes almost everything in life that’s important to you, such as a man whose 25-year legacy embodies the perfect union of music, movies and comics.  Of course, there was that brief encounter this past July in San Diego, but that was so yesterday and I am living for the now.  There were so many things I wanted to ask him then, but never got the chance until now.  So without further ado let me clear my throat, reset my palette and deliver a quick transcript of my most recent run-in with the “Superbeast” himself…Mr. Rob Zombie.

Gregg Senko and myself were fortunate enough to be part of a small number of guests able to attend a pre-show party at the legendary Fillmore theatre in Detroit this past Friday afternoon.  Headlining that night was a man that needs no introductions.  His 25-year legacy of contributions in the world of music, movies, comics and art will go down in the history books for future generations to learn about until the end of time.  It does not seem like that long ago, when I was just a carefree college student caught in a mosh, and a somewhat relatively unknown band named White Zombie was hypnotically performing on Cleveland Nautica’s amphitheatre stage.  The circus leader of the band, Rob Zombie, created a persona that not only conquered, but also demanded your utmost attention to his charismatic presence on the stage.  His on-stage persona, which he must have forged in the deepest fires of hell, was like few I have ever witnessed before.

Years went by and Rob eventually went on to front his own solo project and not only became successful in the world of comics and art, but also took the world by storm through his visionary filmmaking endeavors.  And there’s where my love for his work really began to blossom.  Rob took everything I love and hold sacred in life and just made it cohesively all his own.  His love for the horror genre and relentless imagination propelled and aligned him for unscrupulous success.  While entering into his 25th year in the music industry, it just seems like the world is his for the taking.  He has us wrapped around his fingers and we are all enjoying the monster ride.  And thus is the reason I am sitting here at 1:30 AM drafting this post.  Rob symbolizes everything we stand for here at Why So Blu and to simply let another day go by without honoring everything he does in life would be like depriving the world of much needed oxygen. 

So anyway, as I alluded to before, I had an important question for Rob, that I never got to ask him this past summer in San Diego, and I have been dying to ever since.  It stems from my lifelong love of Ford Mustangs, but we will get to that momentarily.  As usual, when Rob walks into the room his tranquil demeanor and raw appearance immediately petitions your attention.  Friday afternoon was no exception to that.  After a short 15-minute wait, I finally I had a chance, once again, to converse with the man personally responsible for resurrecting the dead Halloween franchise and bringing the face of terror back to the silver screen, Mr. Rob Zombie.  It all went down a little something like this.

The below diction and exchange of words is an approximate recollection of the brief conversation I held with Mr. Zombie this past Friday afternoon at the pre-show party in Detroit.

I introduced myself to Rob once again, after originally meeting him at Comic-Con this past summer.  I handed him a Why So Blu website flyer and my business card.  I educated him a little bit on what our site was all about, how we supported him and his ingenious blending of the music, movie and comic book scenes and urged him to check us out when he had a chance.  I did not even think about it, as I did not have anything on me to ask him to autograph ,so I gave him my backstage pass and he graciously signed and dated it (see the pictures below).

Rob Zombie Backstage Pass Rob Zombie Backstage Pass

I then proceeded to unload the burning question that has been on the tip of my tongue since last July, but first, I had to deliver a warm and engaging back-story.  I filled him in on my childhood and how growing up I was always a die-hard Ford Mustang fan.  I figured if nothing else, he could see where I was coming from.  I mean after all, he’s a smart guy.  I proceeded to let him know that my interest in Mustangs was captivated to an all-time high back in the early 90’s with the emergence of White Zombie on the music scene.  You see, more times than I can even count on my two hands, Rob was single-handedly responsible for elevating my interest in the muscle car scene, especially geared towards Mustangs, through his powerful use of racing and muscle car themes within his songs.  The story of “Black Sunshine” immediately comes to mind as a perfect example.  The introduction of “Black Sunshine” goes a little something like this:


Gripping the wheel

His knuckles went white with desire

The wheels of his Mustang

Exploding on the highway


Like a slug from a forty-five

True death, 400 horsepower

Of maximum performance

Piercing the night

This is Black Sunshine


If the above lyrics, set to a driving bass line, are not powerful enough to create a spark of raw untamed energy within a young twenty something male driver, than I don’t know what is.  Those same spoken words served as my motivation to one day acquire, own and race my very own Mustang.  And to this day, those infamous lyrics are still a living testament to the masses involved in the muscle car scene.  I joked with Rob about the black Mustang car clubs I have been a part of and how so many people have named their black Mustangs Black Sunshine.  Rob let out a chuckle and said he knows. 

So anyway, after I told Rob about his influence on me in the world of cars and racing, I finally got the chance to ask him about his own personal car collection.  I was very curious to learn just how many Mustangs and other muscle cars he had in his stable and what they were.  What I heard next was very shocking, to say the least.  Rob admitted to me that despite his love for the racing scene, muscle cars and everything else he has nothing in his garage except one vehicle.  He said he sold off all his classic cars and he prefers to have a new car every year.  He divulged to me how he firmly believes in leasing and therefore, he leases a new car every year.  I have to admit.  I couldn’t believe my own ears at first.  I was truly expecting to hear about this muscle car museum I imagined he would have amassed over the years, but nonetheless I was dead wrong.  Without much thought I immediately acknowledged what Rob had just said to me and told him I understood.  I too, comprehend the love of having a new car every year, but I was just shocked to hear there were no ponies in his garage. 

After posing for a brief picture with Mr. Zombie, I shook his hand again and thanked him for his time.  I asked him if he had any plans on returning to Comic-Con next July, but he said it was too early to tell.  In retrospect, I suppose I could have spent the previous 5 minutes asking him about any future film, comic book and music plans, but I figured he would appreciate a much more personal and different topic of conversation.  I figured he gets bombarded with those staple project questions enough and that he would enjoy a much more candid conversation about a topic I thought would be very near and dear to his heart…muscle cars.  You know what?  I never did find out what that one car he has in his garage is.  I will make a mental note of that for next time.

During the show, a person in the audience asked me what it was like to talk to Rob Zombie.  I said to her “It’s always a pleasure.”  I said “Mr. Zombie does not stop speaking to you until you stop speaking to him.”  Rob adores and respects his fans.  You can’t beat that!

As always, thanks again for taking the time Rob!  Until next time…

Rob Zombie & WSB's Brian White

Rob Zombie & Why So Blu’s Brian White

And no…I broke the finger the day before 🙁

Do you like my jacket?






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8 Responses to “Brian Drag Races Rob Zombie in Detroit (11/27/09)”

  1. Cheepsychaiseblond

    I love it! That is way cool man!

  2. blu jay

    can’t wait to talk about myself to him, too. know he’ll want to all hear about my silver-black Starliner… thnx Brian for sharing that.

  3. Brian White

    You’re welcome BJ!

    You never told me about your Starliner 🙁

  4. blu jay

    u never asked but –it’s for Rob Zombie’s ears only, know we’d have an immediate bond.

  5. Brian White

    Would it be OK for me to give Rob your email address next time I see him so you two can talk about it? 🙂

  6. Tony Cellura

    Hello, Brian. You never told me you wrote for an online publication when we hung out last summer. Anyways congratulations on the article and meeting one of your inspirational figures. For me, I like his music okay enough but Zombie has dicked over Cleveland twice now with concerts… time to step it up, Rob. Also, your first remake of Halloween was pretty good. Halloween 2 was muddled with too many abstract ideas to make it memorable. Keep that in mind should you make another. Thanks.

  7. Brian White

    I think you have to understand Tony that this is Cleveland we are talking about. Our town has been hit horribly by this economy and let’s face it…there’s not much frivilous money to go around like there used to be for people to attend concerts here.

    Bands have to be strategic and think about revenue generation when scheduling tour dates.

    Let’s analyze this for a moment. The House of Blues is too small for Rob’s show and Q Arena is too large. It would not translate well. I think CSU would also be a bit too large. Now bring back the Agora and Odeons of yesterday and now we are talking. In reality, there’s nowhere for Rob to play here 🙁 (in the winter months)…

    It’s become much a fact as of late (these last 3+ years) that if you want to see your favorite artist (and you live in Cleveland) that you are going to have to travel a bit, in most cases. It sucks. But it’s the truth!

  8. Gerard

    Great interview. I wanted more details about why Rob prefers to lease rather than own cars–his take on it.

    Great stuff!