Ninja Assassin Sneaks Onto Why So Blu

Ninja AssassinI went into this movie without high expectations.  Although, when I originally saw the trailer in theaters, I was nearly to the moon with excitement.  So in all honesty, my adrenal glands were pumping a bit of juice in preparation for this film.  Ninja Assassin stars Asian pop star Rain as our hero, Raizo.  Raizo, as with all the film’s ninjas, start out as kidnapped orphans, obtained by any of the nine mentioned clans.  These clans then teach the young boys and girls the ways of ninjitsu as they are continually groomed to be very skilled hired-hands that are called upon when someone of importance needs to die.  

Ninja Assassin

Raizo is a notable in the group as he blasphemed these teachings, making a violent departure in the process.  His former clan now seeks him out to deliver his due punishment for being a deserter.  Enter a modern-day organization of international police that stumble upon the ninja clans and their dirty work, and all hell soon breaks loose as the shadowy warriors are adamant to maintain their secrecy. 

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin has somewhat of slow progression early on.  The film is often dotted with childhood and adolescent flashbacks that walked the line of using these one too many times.  Fortunately, they were not utilized in overabundance (barely) and were crucial in laying the groundwork of the story.  Each actor carried their role well and the writing wasn’t half bad either.  What was a bit over the top was the violence.  There was so much red paint (blood) in this movie at times that I thought they were showing a really kick ass Glidden commercial.  Lost limbs and open jugulars are a plenty in this film that offers extremely well choreographed fight scenes with a hectic pace overall.  Speaking of fight scenes, there is something I wanted to bring up.  I have always had a big problem with Batman Begins regarding its fisticuffs.  It was almost as if the camera was right on top of Christian Bale so I couldn’t see anything more than a mass of black fabric flowing about.  Ninja Assassin got it right.  Back up the view, let the actors fight, and rain down all types of hemoglobin on the camera lens. 

Ninja Assassin

Realism?  Sure it’s real!  Why, I remember when I was a young ninjitsu lad myself, taking on the Toyota Clan.  I lost three limbs in the scuffle that ensued, but a few ha-do-kens later and they were out for the count and I was back on my feet.  Seriously though folks, suspend disbelief and let your imagination have fun with this movie.  Only a ninja can lose a gallon of blood and endure nothing more than a painful grimace.  And only a ninja can lose more blood that’s in the human body and get away with just a limp in their stride.  But it’s all in the name of martial art movie dramatics and entertainment.      

Ninja Assassin

Other critics have panned this film prior to the nationwide Thanksgiving Day release.  Really?  I’m sorry but if you’re looking for Up or The Notebook, well those are down the hall and to the left.  As far as I’m concerned and based on those around me, Director James McTeigue succeeded in entertaining both myself and the rest of the audience tonight.  At one point early on, I thought, “This is a good film to enjoy on video on a rainy weekend evening.”  Upon the film’s closure I thought, “Holy hell I can’t wait until this comes out on Blu-ray!”  If kitanas, kamas and throwing stars are your thing, you will certainly be coming back for more after your first encounter with Ninja Assassin.   This flick gets a ‘B.’ 

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2 Responses to “Ninja Assassin Sneaks Onto Why So Blu”

  1. Brian White

    A great review (as written above) plus the relentless action in the trailer makes this a must-see for me! I’m not sure if I will get a chance to see this theatrically, but if I don’t, then Gregg’s review makes this a blind buy purchase for me on Blu-ray.

    I only have one question Gregg…You say and I quote “Seriously though folks, suspend disbelief and let your imagination have fun with this movie.”…What prevented you from doing this in the Crank film?

  2. Gregg

    With Ninja Assassin, there was a mystique within the film that the ninjas possessed. As soon as one sees that, the viewer’s mind switches gears and accepts whatever’s to come after that because it fit. Crank didn’t entertain me and yes, it was over the top. I suppose I am a hypocrite in that respect but I guess I expect exaggeration with the Asian action films. I didn’t see it coming with Crank and when it happened, it didn’t fit, but falling a few hundred feet into a car will kill you. The fact that a sequel came about just made the first one even more ridiculous for me.