Cable Jumps Back to Save the Future

The son of the X-Men’s Cyclops will likely make his big screen debut in the next Deadpool film, but for now, all you fans of our favorite time-traveling mutant can whet their appetite on Marvel’s latest Cable series for 2017. Written by James Robinson and pencilled by Carlos Pacheco, Nathan Summers is back to start some ruckus! Don’t worry, he only destroys things for a good cause. In this case, it’s to save the integrity of the time continuum, so buckle up because we’re about to blast into the past with Cable.

The concept of Cable’s character has always intrigued me, yet I’ve never connected with any of his tales written thus far.  The pairings with Deadpool just provided too cartoony of a Deadpool and eventually disengaged my attention.  If there’s one thing about Cable, it’s that the guy always looks like a complete bad ass. Now just make the story fit.  I want to be entertained by seeing those rifles get put to good use in a hail of glory.

In this first issue of his new self-titled mini-series, I can tell you that doesn’t happen.  We’ll see Summers dart from the future to the old west and then to feudal Japan.  There are more questions than clarity, but those questions aren’t the kind that are built up from a writer instilling curiosity.  Instead, they’re there because I just didn’t have much of a clue as to what the plot was.  Things happen rather quickly and before you know it, the issue is over.

I was hoping for a little more substance here, but didn’t get it.  Granted, it is issue #1 so perhaps the second issue will better establish things.  My biggest gripe, and this is a spoiler, was how quickly Cable gets taken down by some Japanese swordsmen with digital blades.  Ehhh…not impressed.  He goes down like a chump pretty fast, and while the X-Man isn’t dead, it just doesn’t build my confidence in his character to drop four bucks on the next issue.  This guy is a walking arsenal.  Unleash that firepower!  I need to be wow’d and wow’d I was not.

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