Call of Duty: MW 3 (PS3 Game Review)

If you are a gamer then you know what the scene looked like hours before midnight on Nov. 7, 2011.  Video game stores across the country preparing for a massive midnight sale of a very successful yearly title.  Doing over $400 million in sales on the first day of it was released, which smashed first day sales records.  I have to say I was one of the many that stood outside waiting to get my hands on the highly anticipated title.  When I got home that night to start my vacation I skipped my usual of playing through the campaign and jumped straight online to battle foes with my friends.  



From the moment the multiplayer action started I couldn’t help but notice something was different.  Was it the scenery, the guns, the kill streaks, or the new game types?  I quickly found out it was none of those however, the one change I immediately noticed was how quickly I died.  No I don’t claim to be the best at any shooter but I know I am better than average and to start out by dying more times than I had kills in my first 20 matches was a clear indication that something was terribly wrong.  However, I quickly turned things around and found the right weapon class for me.  Aside from this major gripe with this game multiplayer is still the cat’s meow when it comes to the reason consumers will purchase this game.

A new game mode for multiplayer that was added is the new Kill Confirmed mode.  In this game you must recover the dog tags of your victims in order to score and get credit for a kill.  You can prevent the other team from recovering tags by retrieving your fallen comrades’ dog tags before the enemy can swipe them.  I have found this game mode exciting and challenging because I seem to be terrible in actually achieving team victory in this mode.

This is the first game I have not beaten before I have reviewed it but I will say the Campaign mode is always strong for the Call of Duty series.  I have played through a couple of missions and the game play along with the solid story.  It’s weird because a great game can be like a good book.  Once you get involved you have to play and find out what happens next and before you know it your vacation is over and you have to go back to work.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of those games that just draws you in and doesn’t let you put it down.  While I purchased this game for the solid story and exciting multiplayer, I can’t help but find myself completely involved in the Special Ops mode.

In Special Ops you have a couple of options; take on specific missions with a certain map or play a survival game against endless waves of enemies.  On the missions side of things you have several different tasks you could embark on.  One of them involves you finding the daughter of the Russian President while remaining undetected by enemy forces.  It’s an exciting change of pace for those of you who don’t like the run of the mill first person shooter.

In Survival mode you face wave after wave of enemies.  For each kill you get you receive money that you can use to purchase additional weapons, ammo, or kill streaks that give you the edge over the opposition.  It’s a far more different experience from the Nazi Zombies that we have had before but still enjoyable.  I would say if you are a Call of Duty fan you should go purchase this title if you weren’t one of the 6 million people in line on the release date.


Final Thoughts 



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4 Responses to “Call of Duty: MW 3 (PS3 Game Review)”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    This one is in the queue. Gotta beat Arkham City and Skyrim before I even start it.

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    I Enjoyed the single player campaign in the first two MW games overall, but this one still has some pretty epic moments. It’s fitting that we just passed 11-11-11, as this game certainly turns it up to 11 on a constant level.

    Onto multiplayer now, which has certainly been refined and made to be a bit more balanced.

    Not game of the year worthy, but will certainly keep me occupied for a while.

  3. jakub

    Here is a funny review on Call of Duty MW3 by a bikini model.. Enjoy!!!

  4. Patrick

    Gerard, I agree Arkham City is a masterpiece. It should be beat before moving on to another title. I don’t have Skyrim yet but that is one I will purchase. The Elder Scroll series rarely disappoints.
    Aaron you are right not game of the year worthy, I think the choices for that will be between Arkham City and AC: Revalations. Next year is going to be exciting as well with the release of Mass Effect 3.