The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Movie Review)

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in San Diego at Comic Con waiting to get into Hall H to see the Twilight cast. I have so many great memories. Standing next to Ashley Greene (Alice) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie). Talking to Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) and Boo Boo Stewart (Seth). Robert Pattinson (Edward), Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) just a few feet away from me as they walked across the stage. It was an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. 


And now here we are at the beginning of the end. Part 1 of the 2 part bittersweet conclusion of the Twilight Saga that started back in 2008.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the series written by Stephanie Meyer. And is my favorite book of the series. I started reading the books a few years ago and I still can not put them down. I have to reread them every few months. I miss the characters, I miss being apart of their world. I have to check in on them. It’s the same with the movies. My children tease me when they come over “Twilight’s on again!?!”

If you are not a Twilight fan by now, you’re never going to be, and this movie is not for you.

I guess I am a romantic at heart. Who doesn’t want the kind of love Edward and Bella share? Isn’t that what everyone is searching for? Someone to love us so unconditionally, to protect us from danger, and to stand by our side no matter what. To be their reason for existing. To live happily ever after for as long as you both shall live.

Growing up we dream of marrying our prince charming, who would have guessed that prince charming would turn out to be a sparkling vampire.

If you are a devoted Twilight fan you are going to love this movie! There is so much that happens, so let’s start with the wedding. Bella looks gorgeous; she has a beautiful satin gown with lace going down the back of the dress. She is very nervous, a very human reaction. She’s young, her best friend Jacob is not there, and her parents are divorced after marrying so young. As she is walking down the aisle you can see how nervous she is. But once she sees Edward face, his eyes saying I have waited a century for this moment, and I love you, she calms down. Hold on a second I need to catch my breath, and yes I cried. It was beautiful.

There was a lot going on with the reception, it did seem a little drawn out, but they had the time to spend on it. There was a lot of humor mixed in. I loved the toasts; Charlie’s (Billy Burke) toast was hilarious! Jessica (Anna Kendrick) said Edward’s nickname was “Hair” in school.  And yes Jacob does show up. Before I forget, those of you who are Team Jacob, he only has his shirt off for a few seconds at the beginning of the movie so if you are looking for those abs that is all you’re going to get this time.

Bella and Edward leave for their honeymoon right from the reception. And now we get into the part that everyone has been waiting for including Bella and Edward “The Honeymoon”. The moon light skinny dipping is very romantic and very sweet lots of kissing. You don’t see them in bed much. Edward feels he hurt Bella while making love to her that first night so he doesn’t want to do it again. Let’s just say Bella tried everything in her power to persuade him. There are a lot of hilarious moments during the honeymoon I can’t tell you everything but they will make you laugh.

I am pretty sure everyone knows by now that Bella ends up getting pregnant on their honeymoon. They make a mad dash back to the states because Edward is flipping out over it. Bella is keeping this baby no matter what and there is no one that will change her mind.

I have to say Kristen Stewart owned this movie, she did a great job.

Her transformation from healthy girl to having the life sucked right out of her was awesome. They did such a great job on her. When you see her going through the pregnancy it is going to break your heart. I love that Bella, whom at the beginning of this series you would have never imagined to be a Mom, fights to keep her child. She is willing to give up her life to give her child life. And Edward is against anything that will take Bella away from him. He hates the thing in her because it is killing her!

See I told you there are so many important events that happen in this movie. And I don’t want give to much away. I think the last 45 minutes of the movie are the best. The birth and Bella’s transformation are done so well.  After Bella dies Jacob goes outside and just falls to his knees and cries, this is a good time to get your Kleenex out again. I have to say Robert Pattison really shows us Edward’s anguish and desperation to get as much venom in her so that she will turn into a vampire and not leave him. Edward’s efforts payoff and the transformation begins. As the venom is surging through Bella’s body they show a montage of Bella’s life, it is so moving. Oh my gosh why are you still reading this and not at the movie theater already? LOL! Did I mention Jacob imprinted on Renesmee?

I haven’t even mentioned the music yet. The music fit so well, even the words to the songs fit in the scenes. They play Bella’s Lullaby.

Breaking Dawn is not going to be a critic’s favorite. You have to love this series in order to get these movies. But if you are a true fan you are going to love this movie. A few parts are drawn out a little but that’s ok with me. The only problem I have is how am I going to wait a year to see part 2? I can’t wait to see Bella as a vampire, little Renesmee, and the cottage they move into.

Just a head’s up, stay after the credits, there is something you will want to see!

Well I am off to the theater again. I am going to see all 4 movies today. 10 hours of Twilight! There is nothing like seeing a movie on the Big Screen!

Final Thoughts 


2 Responses to “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Movie Review)”

  1. Tina

    Wonderful review Mary. I am sure every Twilight Saga fan agrees with everything you said.

  2. Patrick

    Mary I can’t wait to see this movie. I am not a Twihard however, I have a rule that if I see the first movie I must finish the series. This looks like this could be an explosive start to an amazing ending. Great review.