Captain America Costume Revealed!

Even Comic-Con only showed just a prototype costume of Cap for the upcoming 2011 film starring Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving.  As of this week, a photo has been released of an Evans stand-in in the decked out WWII Cap costume.  Fans have been waiting with cautious trepidation as to what the final threads will look like.  As of today, it’s safe to say the suit looks believeable and I give kudos to the costumers for taking what could have looked like a clown suit and turnng it into a respectable get-up for the first Avenger:



4 Responses to “Captain America Costume Revealed!”

  1. Sean Ferguson

    That outfit looks good! I am looking forward to the movie!

  2. Brian White

    Wouldn’t it have been interesting if they added an edge of darkness to the feature with some black tones to his outfit? I mean after all…they did it to the X-Men outfits, right?

  3. Gerard Iribe

    Not digging the costume. Does he have blue jeans tucked into his boots?

    That whole outfit is too puffy.

  4. Gregg

    No, it’s about Patriotism. The X-Men had nothing to do with that so you can get away with black costumes for them (and bad casting too apparently).

    Think about the time this takes place though…it’s the 1940’s. They didn’t have the tight-fit jumpsuits that we have today. It’s almost like a pale blue version of a regular infantry uniform from back then.