Unpacking the ‘Spartacus: Season 1’ Blu-ray Set

I thought about saving these below photos and having this be part of the Spartacus: Blood and Sand – The Complete First Season Blu-ray review, but I just couldn’t fight the resistance any longer from sharing all these pictures with our readers.  I know every fan out there, anxiously waiting for the arrival of September 21st, will truly appreciate these.  The below photos (click to enlarge the thumbnails) were taken yesterday while unpacking the Spartacus: Season 1 4-disc Blu-ray set.  Enjoy!

And if you didn’t already pre-order your Spartacus: Season 1 Blu-ray set, then what the heck are you waiting for?  Get to it!

Still wrapped in the plastic w/ Starz $25 cash back sticker.


Out of the plastic wrapping and without plastic cover.


The Sleeve Artwork for Disc #1.


The Sleeve Artwork for Disc #2.


The Sleeve Artwork for Disc #3.


The Sleeve Artwork for Disc #4.


The Artwork for the Episode Credits


The Rear Cover Artwork.


The full Blu-ray review is coming soon!

Stay tuned!



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2 Responses to “Unpacking the ‘Spartacus: Season 1’ Blu-ray Set”

  1. Sammie

    Very cool. Thanks.
    So, which are the episodes with extra content?

  2. Brian White

    Off the top of mg head I know that episodes one…two and the final one are. I will have to double check later which one else is. Thanks!