Cedar Rapids is the Place to Be…

Is Ed Helms the nerdiest guy in Hollywood right now?   I mean he’s the nerd-in-residence on The Office, he played the nerdy dentist in the hit comedy The Hangover, and now we get Tim Lippe, insurance salesman and nerd extraordinaire in Cedar Rapids.  Tim Lippe is an innocent, wide-eyed, naïve, sappy  guy, who LOVES the idea of providing people with their perfect insurance package.  He lives for this stuff.  Anyway, the premise of this movie is that Tim gets the chance to go to the annual insurance convention in Cedar Rapids, and he’s really never even been out of his hometown. Well, like a fish out of water, Tim Lippe’s eyes just light up with all the sights, sounds, and smells of the big city and what it has to offer.  He meets some ne’er-do-well characters played by John C. Reilly, as an over-the-top party animal, Anne Heche, who shows Tim a good time (or tries!) and Isiah Whitlock, Jr., whose claim to fame is that he can impersonate characters from HBO’s The Wire.  This is funny stuff, not perfect or well-done in all areas, but enough to elicit some belly laughs.  ENJOY!


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  1. Brian White

    I’m gonna have to check this one out!