Coin Releases Third Album ‘Dreamland’

Last week, Nashville-based indie rock band Coin presented the world with their third album, titled Dreamland. The band’s first outing, a self-title record, was a largely upbeat, go-after-it-and-get-it feel accompanied with a couple tunes which occasionally slowed the pace. The second album, How Will You Know if You Never Try, featured an array of songs that seemed to have matured from its predecessor. That is not a negative connotation by any means as they were two, for the most part, different sounding records that validated the Coin’s multi-faceted persona. With the close of February comes Dreamland, the band’s first album in nearly three years.

In the months leading up to the release of Dreamland, the band’s website, www.thisiscoin.com, had been featuring the video for ‘Crash My Car’, which is likely to be the first single off the album. As the fourth track off the album, the song begins with this rapid yet subtle bass beat that soon opens the gate to lead singer Chase Lawrence’s lyrics. The feel of the song is a good sampling of the varied vibes that Dreamland puts forth.

This variation is certainly front and center when you transition from that song to ‘Dreamland Sequence’, a one-minute and 26-second mesmerizing drift into serenity. The audible journey that is this record only continues throughout the remainder of the songs. Speaking of which, I cannot part ways with this article without mentioning one song in particular. It is not often I get so attached to a song the first time I hear it. Such is the case with ‘Cemetery’. The beat is nothing short of addictive and the story the song tells is one I have hung my mind on since its first listen. I won’t give ‘Cemetery’ a thorough run-through as it’s best to give you readers that virgin listening opportunity. It’s just damn good and I will leave it at that.

Dreamland bears a relation closer to How Will You Know if You Never Try than it does their rookie release. Nevertheless, the 14-track Dreamland, which includes the ongoing journey of the song Lately with ‘Lately III’, is still different in a way that is both a dance-worthy delivery just as it is an anodyne for those broken-hearted days. With a runtime somewhere in the realm of 50 minutes, Dreamland is a hearty bit of pop and rock blending that is another feather in the cap for Coin.

Check out their website for tour dates as Coin will be taking their work on the road in March!

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