‘Coin’ Spends Talent on Great Music

A few months ago I wrote about Fitz & the Tantrum’s new album and how I discovered this impending release after seeing them live this past summer. The band that had opened for them was a group out of Nashville called Coin. I was already an established Fitz fan, but Coin was previously an unknown ensemble to me. That evening certainly changed a few things in my musical world.

For one, now I can say I have heard of Coin. Two, though I didn’t know a lyric to any of their songs, the band had a solid vibe. Three, despite only having two albums in their library, I have listened to those two recordings more than any other artist in the last three months. Their music isn’t simply good. It’s addicting.

Coin’s first album, a self-titled release, entered the fray in 2015. The ten-track record clocks in at around 35 minutes and has this upbeat tempo from the very first track (Atlas) to track nine (It’s a Trap). Just as the night at a club winds down, the final track, Lately, brings the record to a slowing close. The album has such a great feel to it, top to bottom, that I cannot escape its positively energetic magnetism. If it were vinyl, I would’ve worn it out by now.

The band’s sophomore record, How Will You Know If You Never Try, came out in 2017 and took on a more diverse feel. In their second go-round, Coin explored more of that same upbeat feel while also delving into a contemplative, deeper emotion branch of tunes that include tracks like Heart Eyes, ‘Malibu 1992 and Lately II, a sequel to the first album’s final song. With one more song and an additional seven minutes over its predecessor, How Will You Know If You Never Try produces something a lot of second-album efforts lack. The band delivered more of its signature sound and energy while offering something new at the same time.

After recently wrapping up a fall tour throughout the U.S. and Canada, the band prepares to hit the road again in the spring. Yes, I already have my tickets. Yes, this band comes highly recommended. Their rock/pop-rock feel is infectious if nothing else.  Look for their third studio album, Dreamland, to arrive January 24, 2020!

Check out one of their hits, Talk Too Much:

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