‘Cold Comes The Night’ on Blu-ray March 4th!

Cold Comes The NightThey are calling this one of Bryan Cranston’s most disturbing performances.  Hmm.  That’s hard to top Mr. White in Breaking Bad, isn’t it?  But wait!  It’s not all about Bryan Cranston in this one, is it?  It also contains the beautiful Alice Eve from the latest Star Trek flick.  You remember that necessary scene she was in, don’t you?  Well Sony dropped this press release on us, so I’m here to report it.  Cold Comes The Night, starring Alice Eve, Logan Marshall-Green and Bryan Cranston will be available March 4th on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital with Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes.  Check out the full press release below and pre-order your copy now by clicking here!

CULVER CITY, CALIF. (Jan21, 2014) – Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Golden Globe® winner Bryan Cranston (Best Actor, TV’s “Breaking Bad,” 2013) star in the edge-of-your-seat, cat-and-mouse thriller COLD COMES THE NIGHT, available on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital March 4 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Directed by Tze Chun (Children of Invention), this crime drama is filled with twists and tension when a struggling motel owner and single mother (Eve) is taken hostage by a career criminal (Cranston), and forced to become his guide and driver as he attempts to retrieve his cash package from a crooked cop (Logan Marshall-Green). Bonus features include deleted scenes.


Chloe (Eve) and daughter Sophia (Parker) live in a rundown motel on a lonely highway pit stop. As the proprietor of the motel, Chloe is in financial trouble and has let Billy (Marshall-Green), a corrupt cop, take advantage of her situation. One night, Topo (Cranston), a nearly blind career criminal, and his driver stop at the motel while en route to deliver cash to an unknown boss. After an accident kills his driver and impounds his car, he takes Chloe and Sophia hostage and forces Chloe to be his new driver and guide, using Sophia as collateral. They set out after Billy, who has stolen Topo’s money from the car. Hoping to escape to a better life, Chloe tries to strike a deal with Topo but soon finds herself in over her head, and a series of double crosses leaves a cloud of mayhem and murder.

COLD COMES THE NIGHT is directed by Tze Chun from a screenplay by Tze Chun, Osgood Perkins & Nick Simon.  The film was produced by Mynette Louie and Trevor Sagan, with Scott Halle, Ali Jazayeri, Nick Morton, Jacob Pechenick and Rick Rosenthal serving as executive producers.

Bonus Features:

  • Deleted Scenes

COLD COMES THE NIGHT has a run time of approximately 90 minutes & is rated R for violence & language.

Cold Comes The Night Blu-ray


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