Comic-Con 2009 Update #13 – Attack of the Show (featuring Olivia Munn)

Another major attraction at this year’s Comic-Con was G4’s Attack of the Show booth.  I’m sure its popularity had nothing to do with the beautiful host and Playboy covergirl, Olivia Munn, always hanging around the booth.  I can honestly attest to never seeing the show, however I now see what the appeal is, especially to the young male audience.  Olivia earned the crowd’s attention no matter where she was at, and trust me, she was everywhere there.  She could be seen participating in panels like the official Lucasfilm panel – Star Wars Spectacular!, signing autographs in the autograph alley, giving away free movie passes and even broadcasting live from the G4 booth.  The latter was where the real action was and where you wanted to be to see Olivia and the gang. 

On Saturday, July 25th, Attack of the Show broadcasted live from the G4 booth and hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira interviewed some very big names such as Megan Fox, Rob Zombie, the cast of 24, cast members from ABC’s Lost, Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson and many more.  Now tell me that is not exciting?  And if you were watching…oh yeah…you could see me in the audience on many the live camera shots.  And what about that Wonder Woman outfit Olivia wore?  I will leave it at that.  Check out the many pictures below that we snapped of Olivia Munn and gang during Comic-Con 2009 and some information I wanted to pass along from an email I received today from Atom.com.

(Below images courtesy of Brian White & Scott T. Morrison)





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Attack of the Show co-host and Playboy covergirl Olivia Munn appeared before 3,000 fans at Atom and Lucasfilm’s annual “Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge” ceremony and sprung a geekalicious surprise.  She told fans that she wants to star in a Star Wars fan film, and asked them to pitch her their ideas in Atom’s new Operation Olivia contest. That’s right — Olivia Munn could star in YOUR fan film!  Get complete details over at olivia.atom.com.  


Just in case you can’t get enough Olivia Munn click on the image below and check out the website I just found pretty much showcasing all the outifts that she wore during Comic-Con 2009.  There’s a lot to see.  So if you are pressed for time, you may want to wait before you click.  Don’t say I did not warn you!






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