Ricki’s Midnight Screening of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

First off, the studio sent a bunch of stuff to hand out on opening night.  Our theater just had four posters so they had four trivia questions for the crowd.  I was the first one to answer the second question which was “what is Storm Shadow’s real first name?”  The answer is Tommy.  So I won a poster which I already have because my brother got me one from his theater.  Some had just one character but I got two copies of the one with all the characters on it…Joe’s on bottom and Cobra’s on top.    

Now for the movie. OMFG!!!  There were two bad things.  I won’t give any spoilers. First thing I was disappointed in, Snake Eyes doesn’t kill everyone which we all know he could do.  Come on, a few hundred soldiers would be easy but then there wouldn’t be 3 movies.   Secondly, there weren’t any crimson guards.  Booo!  Overall the movie was f*%king awesome!  There obviously were some tweaks to the original storyline, but what they did made sense, and in some instances was better.  The biggest change was the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow storyline.  I won’t go into it, not that it really makes any deal in the movie, but I like how they explained Snake Eyes being mute.  It was not the traditional injured vocal cords in war thing.    You have to see this movie.  In my opion, it blew the first Transformers movie out of the water.  All the rumors were just rumors and this is definitely solid to say the least.  Not one guy walking out of the theater was hating it.  Yo Joe!!!

Full review to be posted later…


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