Comic-Con 2009 Update #9 – Radical Comics (featuring Gene & Nick Simmons)

If there is one thing readily available at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, well, it’s comics.  I was privileged enough to speak with a handful of individuals in the industry during my time there this year.  It was an enlightening experience to see how the process of working on a book plays out, from start to finish. 

The first discussion involved a media invite on the Radical Comics discussion panel.  Chock full of talent on both the writing and artist ends of the spectrum, Radical features the work of Nick Simmons; Incarnate.  Nick (son of legendary rocker Gene Simmons) is the creator and writer of this three-part series intended for mature readers.  When I asked him about his experience with the behind-the-scenes process, he stated that he lays a script out first but admitted deadlines are not his strongpoint.  Once the final version of the script is in place and the book’s creative team is assembled, it’s onward to applying that text to the pages of his work. 

Steve Pugh, also of Radical Comics, explained what it’s like from an artist’s standpoint working in the industry.  “We’re very needy people,” Pugh jokingly said of artists.  “We do try very hard to please the writers and editors though.”  Pugh’s efforts of this statement are quite evident in his works which include an unfortunately short-lived but solid Sharkman series from Image as well as his most recent work with Radical, Hotwire, a futuristic ghost-CSI. 

Gene Simmons was on hand to offer support for the release of Incarnate in the form of a book signing alongside son Nick.  Unable to control the Blu-ray fan inside of me, I couldn’t help but ask the famous musician if Kiss had any plans for a concert Blu-ray in the future.  “I don’t know,” replied the seasoned rocker and reality show star.  “We’re talking about it.” 


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Gene Simmons & WhySoBlu.com Author Gregg Senko

Gene Simmons & WhySoBlu.com Founder Blu-ray Brian




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